Anita means grace. Hey, don’t look at me, I didn’t choose my name.

My work has been in the communications space—this includes all aspects including internal, external and social media. I’ve worked in several companies and industries until 2013 when I quit to take a long break. The break became an extended one when along with hubby, I moved continents, from Bangalore to the Bay area.

I graduated in Physics and then went on to study Journalism and Communications. Don’t ask me why 🙂

My greatest regrets are not being able to sing, dance and play a musical instrument. None, for the lack of trying though.

I’ve always wanted to learn languages. I know Assamese, Hindi, English. I can understand a bit of Marathi, Bengali and a few words of Kannada. I learnt French at the Alliance Francaise for well over two years. I made some genuine efforts but I’m not too good with languages is what I’ve surmised. After tying the knot with a Bangalore boy, the pressure to learn Kannada was quite high. I gave up though—some things are just not my cuppa tea!

It took me a while to get where I am in life. After a few stormy, turbulent years, I’d say I’ve reached a stage where I’m reasonably content. I made good progress in my career, but I also realized that happiness and satisfaction doesn’t come out of life in a cubicle and managing people.

I still have itchy feet and the desire to take off for a few years, living off-the-grid.

My cat Kit Kit came into my life in 2001 (I was living in Mumbai). It was a stormy, rainy night and her mother left her on my doorstep (I presume). We had a dog growing up, but I’d never had any actual “kitty” experience. She was a few weeks old when I decided to adopt her. She’s been with me ever since. I knew nothing about cats at that time. But with Kit Kit, I’ve realized they’re one of the most graceful, beautiful and independent animals—I feel blessed that she chose my doorstep. I unashamedly call myself a cat person now. You can never own them, they won’t respond on demand, they won’t leap at you; most of the time they ignore—and that’s why I love them. I think it was just meant to be.

My first crush was in school. The guy was from another school’s debating team. I thought he was awesome. He wore glasses, looked really intellectual. In hindsight, he was quite a dork. I never got to talk to him. Which was probably a good thing!

My restlessness and wandering heart is probably fueled by the fact that I have lived in quite a few places including:
– Jorhat, Assam (early childhood)
– Shillong, Meghalaya (childhood/school)
– Guwahati, Assam (college)
– Pune, Maharashtra (post-grad)
– Wollongong/Sydney (overseas adventure)
– Mumbai, Maharashtra (mostly spent in local trains and the rest, trying to establish a career, but probably not)
– Bangalore, Karnataka (more work and play)
– Bay area, California

I have a wandering and restless spirit, which annoys my mom no end. She’d like to see me “settled” (as she never fails to mention in any conversation she has with me) while I continue to feign ignorance of that term in the conventional sense. My idea of bliss has changed from a 3-bedroom palatial house with enough room for cats, neighbors and relatives. To the concept of a tiny house. I like the concept of being a global citizen. I don’t yet subscribe to the theory of growing roots and getting old in one place, living there for the rest of my life. I know people who are like that—I’m definitely not one of them. Maybe, I’ll change my views once I get older. Maybe, I won’t. I think some people have itchy feet. Period.

I am passionate about travel. Some stuff I’ve done:
– Scuba diving in the Andamans (just wow!)
– Jumping off a place in Washington DC (what a rush)
– Cycling up from Manali to Leh (phew, and didn’t lose a single pound)
– Backpacking in Europe and covering Scotland, England, France and Switzerland
– Cycling on some of the US’s railroad trails

There’s so much more I want to do.

At 10, I wanted to be fed (mostly); at 15, I wanted to be a heart surgeon; at 20, a pilot; at 25 I wanted to be a career woman (whatever that means). Later, I realised I didn’t much care for that either. I’m taking things as they come right now and living life to the fullest. I’d also like to see much more of India – what a beautiful country.

I grew up playing badminton (my dad was super good at the game). In 2012, I played badminton after a long gap and landed up with an achilles tendon tear, which required surgery, 3 months in a cast and rehabilitation. I am still get back into things now. I also like swimming and would ideally love to live beside water (being a Piscean I could probably live in water!). I “re-learnt” swimming in 2015 and can now swim a mile or so. Yay! I love the mountains, brought up in the lovely hill station of Shillong. I had a most blessed and charmed childhood—it was truly one of the most beautiful places to grow up in.

After 10 years in Bangalore, the “no longer” Garden city, I moved to the Bay area in California along with the hubby and two cats. Being an outdoors person, I’m enjoying the vast opportunities this area has to offer in terms of hiking, cycling, running, swimming and anything sporty. The weather is great, though it hardly rains. I started training for a triathlon and have progressed from the sprint to the olympic distance. Maybe, next year, I’ll do a half ironman.

I also began learning how to make jewelry in 2013—mostly self taught. I began a brand called MyArtitude to showcase the work of ceramic artists (and primarily my sister’s work) around the same time. That sparked off my interest in clay and I began to get more interested in the medium. In 2015, after moving to the Bay area, and with no job in hand I found some time to pursue both these interests. I do work part-time now, which also give me time for my creative pursuits.


Running & Cycling: Over the last few years, I’ve taken to running and cycling as my ways to keep fit—they’re probably the best things I did after moving to Bangalore. As an aside, I also get to interact with some very interesting people across all walks of life. The great thing about being a part of different communities is finding others with common interests, like minded people and exploring what drives them—never ceases to fascinate and amaze me. I was a part of Runners for Life and the Bangalore Bikers Club in Bangalore and now train with the El Camino Tri Club, Mountain View. During the years between 2007-2009 I did several 10ks, half marathons and weekend long runs.  Post 2009, cycling took over and I’ve done some long rides, including a 300km Bangalore-Chamundi in 13 hours, a 400 km Bangalore-Vellore-Bangalore in 23 hours, the Tour of the Nilgiris (8 days across the Nilgiris) and Manali-Leh over 9 days in 2010.

Writing: I love writing and expressing myself in words. I used to keep journals while growing up, which I burnt at points of time, symbolically whenever I was on the brink of a new phase. Now, I’ve switched to the online mode. When I’m in my 50s, I think it will be interesting to turn back to 2001 and read about the stuff I’ve written since. When I first discovered blogs in 2001, I jumped onto the bandwagon almost immediately. I started my blog at this place. From there, I got introduced to Live Journal which I really enjoyed, but later moved to my own domain. I used MT for a few years and then WordPress. My blog journey has been interesting. I’ve met some wonderful people, made friends in many cities, had some great experiences. 

Photography: Another hobby (for now) which makes me happy is photography. I can spend hours with my camera in hand. I love going out with my camera in hand and taking pictures. I can do it for hours on end. I also do select assignments – mostly portraits, weddings, interiors, exteriors etc. whenever the opportunity comes up. If you have an interesting assignment, talk to me!

Wine: I discovered the world of wines rather late in life, but have really enjoyed exploring different varieties from the world over. To find out a little more about it, I completed my WSET level 1 Certification in Wines, which is the first step to stepping into the wine world. Right now, I am content with just trying different wines whenever I get a chance.

Creative arts: Jewelry/Ceramics: I have dabbled in art occasionally. My mom, who I think is superbly talented (she embroidered whole sarees, is a pro at flower arrangements, makes candles, paints) and she obviously passed on her genes to both her daughters. But maybe in smaller doses. My sister happened to get more of it. She is herself an extremely gifted artist, who started as a chef and is now a potter, who does some amazing wood fired ceramics based in Pondicherry. Check out her work here. I dabbled in painting (I even learnt techniques from an artist called CS Pant in Mumbai). I no longer paint, but a couple of years ago discovered beads and jewelry. Additionally, I got interested in clay, when I started the MyArtitude venture, primarily to help showcase my sister’s work. I did a course in Clay Station (Bangalore), Manassas Clay (Virginia) and currently practice at Higher Fire Studios (San Jose). I also do camps and after school art programs art with the Art & Soul Music Studio and will be teaching a 6 week course at Higher Fire. My personal interests currently are in surface decoration, altering forms and textures and techniques like sgraffito, slip trailing, carving and painting with underglazes.

While I used My Artitude to showcase my sister’s work, I use AnitaBoraCeramics to market my own line of ceramic work. You can follow me here: Instagram | Facebook | Etsy 

If you love handmade and appreciate functional work, my sister does take orders which are shipped from her base location in Pondicherry. You can contact me through my form here.

Diving: In 2011, we discovered a whole new exciting world underwater and got our Basic and Advanced SSI certification done. I really enjoyed my stint with DiveIndia (I recommend them highly)—the trainers were fantastic and we returned in 2013 for more diving.

Triathlons: After landing in the Bay area, I went looking for a club to train with. I settled for the El Camino YMCA Tri Club, mainly due to the proximity and the fact that I liked the coach (and now dear friend) who did the information session. I later found she was an inspiring athlete, who has several races under her belt and is today a role model for me. The club proved to be a great find as it has daily workout recommendations and fun events that are held regularly. The swimming was the toughest for me. Having learnt swimming many years ago, it was rare to find a pool in Bangalore (or any place I’d lived). The 25 metres seemed like a long distance and I struggled initially. My technique was incorrect (we’d never really learnt good technique). After training with the team and many, many sessions in the pool, I can now swim a mile and a bit more (if there’s promise of good food in the end). I’ve done a few triathlons and took a break this year (2017) and hope to get back on my regular training schedule in 2018. After my achilles tendon surgery in 2012, it was painful to get back to running. In 2015, the longest distance I did was around 10k. In 2016, I did the Bangalore Ultra 25k, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event and also my first half after the injury.


Love: Kit Kit (my adorable cat who came into my life in 2001), the level-headed husband (who came into my life in 2006), Tiki (the adorable hunk and the second cat, who came into “our” lives in 2010 and passed away in 2016, and will live in my heart forever), books, movies, music (long live rock & roll), photography, traveling, hiking, running, cycling, lazing around, cocktails, wine, almonds, cashews, letters, stationery, cats, tigers, wildlife, blue eyes, avocado, tea, trees, rain

Hate: Pessimism, bad attitudes, nastiness, fanatics (of any kind), cowards (any kind), rash drivers (who honk too much; that’s actually all Indians), tempo trucks, spitting, smoking, shoving, and narrow mindedness

If you have something nice to say: anitabora at yahoo dot com or use the contact form.

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  1. Anita Bora ,

    Hmmm an interesting intro abt u . A truly global citizen with mutiple facets !!! I luv to write one like this but it will take time to develop the skills for that, hope I will do faster than what it takes to….I had a thought of meeting you when I saw your photos in FLICKr and now after going thru ur works its increasing, hope one day we will…..

  2. Just happened to come across your domain while doing a search for Axomiya wedding pics. And I’m glad I did. Your blog sure reads like a labor of love and I hope to drop by in future too.
    So long.

  3. It was really a pleasure reading your blog.It is very well written. You have a flair for writing and expressing yourself. Most imprtantly you think out of the box and have a good sense of humour.

  4. john: merci, merci!!

    vikram: thank you so much!

    vinod: thanks and i am sure we will. the world is a small place these days!

    prerona: thanks! am glad you enjoyed it and do come visit again 🙂

    surajit: thank you 🙂

  5. Quite a handful of information about urself Anita, well i liked it so much so that i read it completely:-).

  6. Hey Anita, great writing and a wonderful intro about yourself… I am a Piscean too and I came across your blog through Prabhu’s blog – I am glad I thought of visiting it, cz our interests match a lot and do let me know if you would like to join me for future treks ok. I hope to be in touch and also meet you sometime if things work out…. Take care and will post back whenever time permits…. Byeeeee..

  7. Hi

    Anita I have collected the Indian Bloggers list from your blog. I thought that is a most suitable list to my blog and I have published it in my blog.

    If you object. I will remove it and will start a fresh collection.

    Thank you,

  8. Hey, great introduction.

    I am very happy to find another person like me. I have no solid roots either. Have lived in Trivandrum, Cochin, Coimbatore, bangalore…

    I too love to travel. And have also lost in love. Fell in it when I was 17 and the girl dumped me at 22 for a more financially secure guy. (You’re right, its not a nice feeling. Not even close). Lost all belief in the concepts of love, commitment and marriage. Wanna live a compulsive bachelor’s life.

    Great to find ya, Rock on. Gonna link 2 u from my blog. Cool hangout you have here…

  9. Hey,Anita Baa it was a great experiance for me to learn that one of the top bloggers of india is a fellow Assamese girl and after visiting your blog i came to know why it is so.

    I was thinking of starting a dedicated blog myself but didn’t know how to go about it but your blog really inspired me.Thanks for all the inspiration you unknowingly gave me.

    With best wishes for your homeward journey and hoping to mail you soon along with my very own blog. Bye

    Mausam Dutta

  10. I would really love to roam around. I always enjoyed going to various places in India and if I’m fortunate enough, I would be traveling round the world. Never started to pen my experiences. Should some how start doing that. Some good blogs like yours could be an inspiration.

    A very nice introduction. Liked it.

  11. It seems you know yourself preety well. Just got the feeling that i should try to know myself better.

    well written.

  12. Hi Anita,
    your blog makes for interesting reading. it contains a lot of information which one rarely get elsewhere. and to the reader u come across as a very interesting person, one worth knowing and interacting with. ur varied experiences, knowlege of many countries, a motley group of friends, all these are truly relished by me. keep on writing. i eagerly look forward to more. and do visit my blog.

  13. Hey.. Just came across your blog while looking for ‘it’s greek to me’ review 🙂
    And worth clicking on the link.. Your site does make a good read… adding ya to moi blogroll.. hope u won’t mind.. 🙂

  14. hey, are you Ranjita Bora’s sister? Please tell her email me. I am now in Dharamsala working as an activist.

  15. Thejesh GN: Thanks!

    Navita: Thank you!

    Vijaya: Sure, do be in touch via email! Love going on treks 🙂

    SharSajani: Thanks!

    Akundimohan: Please take whatever you need though its an outdated one!

    Peter Pawan EJ: Thanks! Can identify with the rootlessness! And all the best :0)

    pravin: why, thank you!

    Mausam Dutta: thanks for dropping by! and all the best in setting up the blog. let me know if you need any help!

    Neha: thanks! i hardly have time for it anymore though.

    santosh saladi: you’re welcome! best of luck in starting one!

    Ram Krishna wagle: well, after 30 odd years, I hope so 🙂

    Shaji.K: thank you! will drop by sometime!

    Sonika: You’re most welcome! Thanks!

    tsundue: Yes, guilty as accused! I have asked her to email you 🙂

  16. It is really interesting. I also share some of your likes n dislikes. that may be the reason why I leave this comment

  17. I am also a great traveller but go only by the bike.. becaaause I lov biking.
    I like reading your bolg and very much enjoyed the your introduction.

    please also read my blogue whenever you lots of time.

    pS: the post about your kit kit kat was very nice..

    your truly,

  18. Hi,
    Nice introduction. I know you a little now! I need small help. I wrote one blog some time back. Reason was nothing. Got to know about it and wanted to try. I had been writing diary earlier. I would be happy if you can see it and send in your thoughts on the same. You can see it at Thanks a lot.


  19. I’m becoming obsessed with your blog and your style of writing.. Your style of writing is simply magnetic. Why don’t you write a book, a travelogue perhaps?

  20. Wonderful introduction I have seen. Ever.
    I could identify with few things like – I am a piscean, my regrets include not having learnt singing/an instrument, I love to travel, I love to live besides water, I love languages (both human and computer) (,I used to keep hidden journals where I mostly wrote crap , now am writing crap online, love badminton (among others like carrom, tt, chess) the list of loves mostly match, and quite few bang-on in the hate list too. Uff.

  21. Hi Anita

    Stumbled across your blog today and I must say I am just carried away by all the stuff in here.Great introduction mate..Mine would look similar too.A fellow piscean,just fresh after lost love..but am a decade and half younger to you.And hopefully I will travel lot more than you..


  22. I so knew you’d write really, really well! Maybe there IS no such thing as too much info, eh? Heh. Now, onto the blog (like I promised). Might take me ’bout 6 months, tho.

    If yer wondering who this is, suffice to say I am now effective inter-personally(2, too).

  23. santhosh: thank you!

    praveenkm: thanks and will do so 🙂

    Vishwatosh: thanks. will do when i get some time!

    Gaurav: thanks gaurav and that’s a nice idea that i will definitely give some thought to!

    Rk: happy that you could identify with some of the things! keep blogging and writing 🙂 cheers!

    Jeff: hey! from a fellow piscean to another 🙂 i just started a few years ago and you have a head start so go ahead and make use of it!

    Girish: thank you!

    Mj: hehe, i recognise you! thank you and take your time. i hope you’re on your way to becoming a interpersonally effective star someday 🙂

  24. Hi Anita,
    I came across many blogs (wasn’t intentionally looking for it) but I never left any comment. I was looking for some information on Shillong and came across your blog and I AM writing a comment!!! A very nice package……probably a product of beutiful mind.

    I myself travelled about 38 countries (on business trips doing airport-hotel-client-hotel-airport circuits, have seen most of India…and again, never really thought much about it till I read your blog.

    One thing that facinates me about you is that you know yourself very well and beleive me, there are a very few people on this planet who know who they are, I am certainly not one of them.

    I don’t blog. I do not really have the time to explore myself and I know that in next fifteen minutes I will be back in my world of meetings, rushing to catch a plane etc. etc. nevertheless, your blog made me stop and take a deep breath…..thank you fo that. Keep up the good work.

  25. thanks sandip for the frank and nice message. i’m glad you could get some respite from the busy world by getting a glimpse of mine.

    i was talking to a friend the other day and telling her that after a few days away from civilisation (when’i’m travelling) i get totally disconnected and then after a while, i don’t miss anything much. she said that she can’t survive even for a moment without her phone and would hate being disconnected. so i guess, finally, it’s different strokes for different people. we all have different lives and once in a while it’s nice to get a glimpse of each others, which is what we usually do when we’re reading someone’s blog.

    well, thanks for dropping by and do come by whenever you feel like it 🙂

  26. Hi Anita,

    Been reading your blog for sometime now and its wonderful how well you write as well as infuse ur thoughts together with happenings! Your travelogues are very well done and addictive 🙂


  27. Hi Anita,
    I landed up on your blog through one of the metro blogs.

    The reason for this mail is my wife and I run a theatre group in the Bay Area, US and we are traveling to stage our English play in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. I am looking to promote our play through blogs, given the fact that we do not have big budgets for promotion and the whole team from the US is traveling at our own expense to stage this play in India.

    Wondering whether you could help give us some coverage on the play in your blog or in you magazine. My blog ( has more information about the play and I can provide you with additional info.

    if you consider this mail inappropriate, kindly ignore my mail.

    Best Regards,

  28. @ Poorva: thanks so much. glad you enjoyed reading as much as i enjoy writing about all my travels!

    @ TAR: thanks! i’ve got your URL and details. will send you an email…

  29. hi…
    intro seems to be different but nothing new as in ‘newly different’…hope u got the drift

    but one thing that made me to comment is the global citizen stuff….which after reading hit me as if i had this thought before like living at different places on earth and to lose the regional identity for an human identity:D …dont know if i cud do that 🙁

  30. Very Interesting!!

    Loved your writing skills and your play of words. The entire thing brought a smile to my face.

    I’m just starting on the Blogging thing, photography and Horse riding (thats how I found your blog)

  31. Anyway it was preety cool introduction of one being frustration from life. On the other hand it was good writing as you have presented it right from your heart. lastly i appreciate the vocabulary and all that stuffs.

  32. Came here from Metblogs…quite an interesting write-up about urself. And quite a lot of information on Bangalore and Karnataka. I am hooked to ur website now. Herez wishing that ‘Bora’ gets the time & money to chill out on ‘Bora Bora’ 🙂

  33. i have never seen anything like this.You are something more than awesome. Why dont you try writing a book. I would be one among the first to buy. The intro of yours is too too good. Hats off Anitha.

  34. Hi!

    Just came across this site while searching for something on Bangalore.. Read ur intro. You seem so very much like me. If I were to write an intro it would probably be on the same lines. Enjoy dancing, music, reading, travelling (not necessarily in the same order)!! Only diff bein I have a dog named dolchie and not a cat!! Nice to bump into ya. Take care. 🙂

  35. @ sundeep: hey thanks for the comment! i think it’s different strokes for different people! and i don’t think it’s about losing one’s identity at all.

    @ keshav: good luck on the blogging and horse riding!

    @ Rabindra Dhungana: hey, thanks!

    @ Sriram: thanks for the wishes 🙂 am hoping that will come true sometime!

    @ abhishek: thanks! if i write one, you have to buy the first copy in that case!!

    @ lubinisha: same here! by the way, i used to have a dog called… delsie!! pretty close, eh? 🙂

  36. I appreciate your writing skill.You love to travel. We, Sanjay, Neelakshi(my wife)and Ridhi (my 6 year old daughter) invite you to Tezpur this winter.

  37. hey its a very interesting intro..just loved the way u hav written..i feel even ‘m very much like u..i like the way u express ur thoughts..

  38. Your blog looks terrific and the self introspection is the best i’ve ever seen!Starting from your first crush(:) to where you currently stand,your narrative makes people feel at ease.I really look forward to acquainting with ya.Happy blogging!Bi for now.

  39. @ sanjay: thank you! i will take up that offer if i travel to tezpur!

    @ nikita: hey, thanks for dropping by 🙂

    @ Cheryl Snell: thanks cheryl! glad you liked it and hope to see you again 🙂

    @ Sonia: thanks so much! will do!

    @ Ranjani: thanks a lot for the nice words!

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  41. I don’t think anything is left for me to say :). I always wished to lead a life like this but could never do.
    I was searching for some info in Google and accidentally jumped into metro blogging and then into your blog. Even though I did not get the information I was looking for, 🙂 your blog made me to stop for a while and have a glance and believe me I just could not come out of it. really really great blog that I have ever come across..

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    If you are the correct person please let me know and we can move forward, if not would you please direct me to that person in your company.

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  43. amazing work n a fantastically written blog. it would be a privelage to get in touch with u…

    im gonna , for sure, keep visiting ur blog n flickr! u do everything iv ever dreamed of doing…that makes me happy! 🙂


  44. @ Rrituraj: thanks!

    @ Paul Joseph: thanks, will do!

    @ maneesh: never, i hope? thanks a lot!

    @ Sandesh: thanks for saying something anyway! good to know it wasn’t a worthless effort looking for that information 🙂 do hope you found it finally though!

    @ Maharlika Matutinao: sure!

    @ Gayatri: thanks so much. you’re welcome to drop me a mail. my email address is given at the end of this page!

    @ snigdha: will get a chance soon, i’m sure!

    @ Mrunal: thanks so much! will do 🙂

  45. Hi Anita,
    I jst couldnt stop myself from adding one more comment. Today I went thru ur photo collection.
    and i am seriously amazed. I have same wandering and restless spirit. 🙂 I am trying to relocate to b’lore. bt i would like to meet you..
    so c u soon…. 🙂 🙂

  46. Hi,
    love to see ur blog and other writings..
    Impressive n mind blowing..
    u have a good writing spree…
    Myself raktim datta 29 maleworking ain surat gujarat as sr engineer in an shipbuilding firm here..
    but really i got an intersting blog after many years..
    keep writing..

  47. hi anita ,

    well i was just browsing google to know what is BLOG, I have heard something related to it in my peers also read some articles in newspaper etc so today by some god’s grace i had some free time for myself and i decided to search for BLOG.
    Incidently i came across your website , well I liked your introduction , but I could not still understand what is BLOG , is blog something which you have exprienced or your opinion which you write on the web so that every one reads it…. or is it the release of emotions by potraying to the outside world about your personal tragidies or expriences , well so say tha you are passionate about www or as you say the BLOG , but i need your help to understand it , cause i cant understand why would anyone want to read someone’s silly exprience or tragidies , ya ofcourse if somebody is an expert at something and you ask him or her on that subject for advice then its fine ….

    well enough of this blah blah about BLOG

    i just needed someone to help me understand what bolg is hope i have not wasted your time ……

    Hemant singning out see ya tc

  48. @ Raktim Datta: thanks!

    @ vijaya: i didn’t retain the contact for that, but if you google, you’ll find a good few homestays in chikmagalur.

    @ bhaskar: thank you!

    @ hemant: it’s actually more like a diary of events, happenings and whatever you want to put out there. there are lots of articles online about blogs that you can read up to give you a better idea.

    @ Navin Williams: i’ll drop by sometime!

    @ Owen: style 🙂 please do!

    @ Sara Naze: you’re most welcome to. you need to email me with the details at anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com

  49. Way to go girl!
    I had read you blog about three years back;it read wonderful then and it reads awesome now.
    Loved the Dire Straits lines on your main page:
    “You only get one life – this I know
    I wanna get my licks in now before I go
    The fire of love is dead and cold
    I gotta satisfy the hunger in my soul”…
    Here’s more wings to your flight…
    Keep up your sprit and hang them high…

  50. Excellent intro! I am a rootless “universal” citizen, too (with all the family and even friends complains that come with that). I also love traveling and never stay more than 2 years and a half in the same place (thank God my wife is fine with that so far).

    One of my life-dreams is about to become true: to live in India for some time! And it will be in Bangalore!

    Hope to meet you there in Bangalore and if you are interested in traveling to Costa Rica I can help you with that.

    All the best!

  51. Too much of praises for a very ordinary intro as her life doesn’t seem to be having anything so exciting. Any other mortal would have the same story to share with the world. These guys seem to be going overboard just befriend a girl. I really pity men.

  52. I’ve never red a profile like yours. And as far as I know that you do speak french, je le trouve vraiment super votre blog.

    Vu que vous aimez voyager, vous parlez plusieurs langues et que vous avez habite dans plusieurs pays, je vous invite a regarder notre nouveau social networking,

  53. spent 2 hour here….in ” just a little something”.
    feel like a bird writing about herself.
    how it feel to be rootlessness…scary or its ok sort of….or very pleasent or a complete stranger or etc???
    i do agree that, Anita you can be a good writer…a very good writer of any kind of writings that you wish for.
    (just take some time for little more absorved then a observer…. in my perspective!!!)

  54. @ Rakesh: thanks! glad you liked it!

    @ Teena: thanks for coming back to visit! Do hope to see you around again 🙂

    @ Gilberto: nice to hear from you and hope to see you in bangalore when you get here!

    @ prajeesh: thanks!

    @ Azura: went to your blog. great stuff, was really inspiring! will definitely visit again!

    @ Ram: 🙂 thanks for the frank opinion and thanks for leaving a comment anyway!

    @ Solofo: merci beaucoup!! je comprends la langue, mais j’ai une probleme quand je parle! 🙂
    il y avait vers 6 mois quand j’ai finis le cours. et merci pour l’invitation à!

    @ nilomoni: 🙂 i feel totally happy being rootless. it’s not such a bad thing! and thanks for the comment!

  55. Hey Anita – well written stuff yaar – I have not yet read thru much so far, only seen the intro. Seems like a good self assessement from the little that I have seen. Promise to be back and read more at leisure

  56. ohho……
    Actually I didn’t mean it as good or bad things. So don’t know why this resonance. But if things like birth of Israel after centuries, “roots” by Alex Haley, are taken then being rootless appear differently or the thing “root” is seems to be very heavy.
    Now by full contrast knowing that proclaim oneself rootless a good thing, not a luxury or not such less responsibility but really happiness. Or no such sense of belonging but like an escaped photon from metal surface to freedom without any bonding. Is it?
    ……Very interesting…

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  58. Hi Anita,

    Great writeup…really makes one to read completely. Seeing your blog encourages me to start blogging…but believe i cant be as honest as you are….(Who knows someday my wife reads it & then i really will have problems)….Just share some tips about blogging….Bye

  59. Lovely introduction… and so much of it seemed as though I was reading about myself. I loved your blog too. I sent you a mail… hopefully, I will hear from you soon.

  60. Hi Anita Bora,
    Came across your blog by spidering on from Rajesh Dangi’s “Bangalore Daily Photo”.

    Have spent some time now digging into your work of art and words.

    Two words … “Expressionably Gravitating”. Loved your photography as well as your writing. Your profile reads like a high definition picture in words.

    Was a genuine pleasure reading your blog, keep up the great work. Soon as I finish typing this comment I am subscribing to your blog.

    Kaushik Dwarakanath (KDPHOTOMAN)

  61. hi anita,
    wonderful work and u r a indistintive personality. well i got my new camera and exploring it and that when i got u on the web. nice to know a nice soul

  62. Nice to meet you Anita! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now – a ghost reader 🙂
    But for some reason i’ve never read your “About” Page – better late than never i believe!

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  64. hi anitha,

    I camedown to your website accidential when i was searching for information about a company.

    I get a chance to read your profile. Very well thought and written. Kudos! to you. As i go deep into your profile, it just pulled back by young days.. Very nicely written and practical.

    Keep going and Keep writing and keep smiling 🙂


  65. Anita:
    One of the most wonderful ‘about me’ pages I have ever seen. I am delighted t have discovered your website. I started approximately the same time as you!

  66. Hello Anita, I liked the collection of pictures and paintings you have on your site.. Do you like shoot B/W pictures more than color? I do believe that B/W photos could portray immense amount of feelings..

    Wish you the Best

  67. Hi Anita,

    I have a friend with the same name “Anita Bora” who studied with me in JEC many days (some years) back. I have recently bought a camera and was googling to find some basics on photographing..and i came across your name. Saw your blog and really liked the way you have given your introduction..its really good..In the near future, i’ll be checking your snaps too on the flickr. But till then, let me hone my skills on this little instrument..basic model. by the way can u suggest some site or some book which can explain me the instrument or the hobby in detail.


  68. Hi…Anita

    Very interesting . . You definately are a multifaceted personality . . and seem to have a life anybody would envy . . excellent writing . . lovely shots . . and a great life full of travel and activity . .

    Wrote to you earlier . . I aminterested in photography . . just picked up a new camera . . have been doing tits and bits for a few years now . . do you have groups who take up travel for this purpose over weekends / holidays . .am placed in bangalore and would love to be part of this . .

    this is first time i have visited a blog . . and have been left totally impressed 🙂

  69. I am a techie and I know about blogs from a very long time but never read any in good interest.. May be the ones I come across initially stopped me from doing it.. I recently got a break from office work and looking more in to user blogs. I came across your profile and started showing good interest with the way you presented few topics… After reading your profile I even got excited to read your other posting.. thanks for the nice work…

  70. What a wonderful introduction of self……..You almost speak my words which i just haven’t been able to express so beautifully …Nice to have found your blog … 🙂

  71. The most interesting introduction that I have ever come across.

    I wish you all the best, especially as far as your plans for the Indian blogging community are concerned.

  72. @ dev: thanks! do keep dropping by!

    @ Amit: hey, think about the other side – your wife might actually appreciate what you’ve written about! anyway, thanks for dropping by!

    @ Yamini: thanks! please do 🙂

    @ Dharani: thanks!

    @ kaushik dwarakanath: thanks so much for dropping by and the nice words, of course!

    @ Bejoy: thanks!

    @ saru: best of luck with the new camera!

    @ Latha: ghost reader?! wow! well, thanks for the comment!

    @ Ganesh: hey thanks! glad i could bring back memories of your childhood too! take care and thanks for the nice words!

    @ Priyank: gosh, thank you! am glad you liked it!

    @ varun: not yet! will definitely do sometime!

    @ SP: thanks a lot! glad you enjoyed them!

    @ Srini: thanks! i shoot more colour than b/w. but i do like b/w a lot. when i used to shoot film, i did a lot of b/w. but not so much now because converting from a colour digital to b/w somehow doesn’t seem like the same thing!

    @ faheem: you did? wow. of course it would be too much if i thought i was the only one with that name! so there! well, best of luck with the camera. just google for website on photography,
    there’s a lot out there and just keep learning and shooting on the way!

    @ Reshma: yes, there are groups. one of them is you can also search for more on google and flickr. i also have a few links on my sidebar under travel and nature. you’ll get more links there. all the best!

    @ sateesh: hey thanks a lot. glad you enjoyed going through it!

    @ Anjali: thank you! 🙂

    @ Raja Basu: thanks a lot!

  73. Hi Anita Baa it’s me again.wishing you a happy Bihu in advance.
    i needed some advice on setting up a blog where i will mostly publish photos,how do i go about it? please guide me….
    Thank you.

  74. It’s the front page of your blog took me here to press some keys….just a random vistor looking for home in Bangalore through Google. No comments.

  75. Anita, that’s a great introduction. I love your cat’s name Kit Kit. I should have called my daughter that.

    The greatest regrets in my life too are not being able to sing, dance or play any musical instrument, not for want of trying.

  76. As many people have said before.. what a nice intro…

    … and wished I had the “interest” to see places… I travel a LOT but dont see anything 🙁

  77. ….i realized my words are rough on my previous comment……
    But now I convinced that u really a “global citizen” (I thought u r might be Bengali or Uriya origin).
    Do visit my blog… recent and raw….and I really value ur any advise and suggestion.
    i tagged u already(hope it permitted)

  78. Hi Anita,

    I was born in Wellington when my father worked as an engineer at a nearby military ordnance factory.
    The terrific pictures you have posted were my first introduction to the beauty of Wellington. Makes me want to pay a visit and stay at the Riga Hotel, just to see the toy train coming in while having a cup of tea.

    Being in the US for too many years(20+), one tends to forget that India is indeed a very scenic place, with the best food on earth.

    Thanks again for the pictures!


  79. Nice intro!!!! I stumbled upon your blog through a reference of a reference of a reference…:-) I guess that’s how the online world works, isn’t it 🙂

  80. This is indeed what I call a blog…You are truly inspiring in the very sense of the word… 🙂

  81. Hi,

    Dear its hard to write this much, how you managed to write about u this much.. i cant imagine.. anyways its nice.. keep up the good work.

    And one more thing i read(the Intro, cant think of the complete blog of course) it fully, that i never do with other blogs 😉

  82. @ Mausam Dutta: thank you! did you manage to set up your photo blog? can you send me a mail on my rediffmail ID if you need help?

    @ sudhanshu: thanks for dropping by!

    @ Banno: thanks! i am not sure you daughter would appreciate it!

    @ Vijay: thank you! that’s rather sad – to travel a lot but not see anything!

    @ Geetha: thank you!

    @ noni: thanks!

    @ sanjay mishra: thank you!

    @ Sanjay: wow, what a lovely place to be born in! hope you get a chance to visit it soon! and i’m happy i was able to give you a chance to relive memories of your time there through the picture! yes, the view from riga and the train chugging by was memorable!

    @ Praveen GK: thanks! absolutely, that’s how the online world works!

    @ Ajay: thank you so much! glad you liked it!

    @ anurag: merci!

    @ Jaison: haha – it is a lot. but actually, this is an edited version! thanks for reading it fully too!

  83. hi anita, read ur write up n ur album. let me talk abu ur photo. wel u r yet to finish crossin de road. pictures do speak. i can see u at low fightin with lazer beams in de air! bein off beat is jus a way of life fr some. by choice fr some n fr others by ruthless circumstances makin them rootless. fr u know, no roots, no blossoms n no fruits. u did hav a lot i suppose, atleast at one point of time.sorry if am wrong,i read pictures. i admit,m nt “mr.knowall” of s.maugham story. gudluck n b in touch fr a conversation. but nvr fr a debate.

  84. hey I hv read read a lot of blogs in the past….but hv never come accross such a beautiful Intro of oneself….keep goin.goin good…………….

  85. Kudos to your intro… truly amazing and interesting… read it till the last line and was kept wanting for more 🙂 And trust me.. never have I seen so many responses in an “about” page!!!

  86. Okay, i never write comments on blogs, your blog is making me write it twice.
    Reading ‘about you’ reminds of another person i know: “me” 🙂
    Hope we can talk sometime although i live approx.10,000 miles away 🙂 (in Germany)
    Have a nice day!

  87. Hi Anita,
    had visited ur blog maybe 2 years back.. on a hunch just typed out ur url and lo what a great makeover! 🙂 will go thru the contents.. anyway… am from Shillong.. been here since 91′ and yeah.. am a kharkhoa hehehe!
    Have a great day! – everyday!!!

  88. Hi,

    Your webpage popped up first when I googled Bhutan Roads. I am travelling to Bhutan on my Royal Enfield with another mate of mine… from Bangalore. Just wanted to know what are the documents we need to carry, to avoid all the hazzles in Phuentsoling. My another friends grandpa is there, but I prefer gathering as much info as possible. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks a ton.

  89. Hi Anita, you create buzz in media.You writings say you are very sensitive,witty and possess a good sense of humour. Really your introduction is nice, but I couldnot comply with one point, I have no root.
    I think you may be a wanderlusting women, but root is root, it cannot be eradicated.
    After all, your intro is excellent. Binno K John The India Today journalist wrtoe about your blog in the coloumn, ‘Inside the Bloggsphere” in Mail Today.

  90. great reading your introduction. wish i could be as lucid in my thoughts.

    when do u do a enchanting trip to the sands of rajasthan and dance to some desert music?

    ping me at if you plan a trip to jaipur and rajasthan…

  91. i m in office..but aftr readin the first few lines, i thought of readin the entire stuffs abt u….

    really kool!!

  92. @ Ashlesha: thanks! words like these keeps me going!

    @ Nischal Shetty: thanks!

    @ Sahil Rewari: thanks! sometimes i keep writing and don’t know where to end 🙂

    @ quiline kakoty: hey thanks! and a very interesting name that!

    @ Narmada: do connect via mail! always great to know people in far away places. especially if they’re like me! anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com!

    @ Ranjit: wow! nice to know that you’re back after two years! and do keep coming back. at more frequent intervals!

    @ Venu Nair: hey, sorry about my late response! i had been ignoring my about page for a while! hope your trip went well? i guess you already got the answer to your question!

    @ Sheril Jebasingh: thank you!

    @ Prarthana Gogoi: thanks for all those right words. and no, i didn’t mean no roots in a negative sense. i meant i don’t feel physically rooted to a single place. tomorrow, i can move to another city if i feel like it and adjust equally well there. it’s the sense of discovery and the experience of new things that keeps me wanting to travel and see places. and i think in that sense i don’t usually have an overwhelming need to be “rooted” in one place 🙂

    and thanks for that – didn’t get to see it though! strangely, they don’t usually tell you if they’re writing about you or mentioning you!

    @ shoma: thanks! i would love to go there and am planning next year. sometime early. are you from there?

    @ Jadu Saikia: thanks!

    @ lubna: hey, thanks!

    @ Nehpal Singh Rathore: i’m flattered 🙂

    @ Soumyaranjan Dash: it has been an interesting journey so far!

  93. hi anitha,

    i chance upon your blog while searching for friends in Loreto Convent and saw the pics in your ‘Back to School’ post. they brought back some really nice memories. i also read your ‘about me’ section and i must say it’s very captivating and easy to read. will come back for more.


  94. Hi Anita,
    What a cool portrait you presented of yourself – neato. I recently moved to Bangalore with family after 16 years in the US. Started blogging about our ‘moving experience’ ( New posts don’t seem to come out at regular intervals but your blog might serve to inspire.

    One of your Bombay readers/fans alerted me to your blog..

    – Vishy

  95. hey…came across this blog when i was doing a search on cycling! became the proud owner of a digital SLR n a cycle a couple of weeks back and been in the thick of things!

    like you a non-techie in a IT orgn…will meander through your blog someother time when my 2 beautiful daughters let me be by myself!

    take care

  96. Hi
    I m namrata from guwahati..19 yr old.. I m studying psychology in Delhi right now.. Was just serching for some articles when i cane across this blog of yours and must tell you i relly loved it.. I dont kno but something bout ur passion for leading life in your ways and your principles really made it imposible for me not to write something.. I am in a way diffrent from u but sumhow cant stop but admire your say on life.. Pliz if you feel like mail me at
    I will relly appreciate if i could know more about u..

  97. Hi Anita,
    The way you introduce yourself is really incredible.I just stopped while searching for something and your introduction blog pushed me to write to you.

    I own a place in Masinagudi well tucked in into the forests.This place has 1 cottage attached with western toilets and a kitchen suitable for about 4 persons or a single family with 4 persons.There ia a separate room for my cook to stay and also for the driver. This place offers total privacy and excellent wildlife viewing/trekking.If you come with INFRARED camera/binoculars, there is lot of fun during the wholenight as you can sit on the watchtower quitely or in the sitout enjoying the wildlife as well your drinks.Since the waterhole is in front of the cottage, animal movement is quite good.
    The only condition is that you should checkin before 5 pm ,should not move out of cottage fence in the night and to protect wildlife and environment you have to be more displined and I don’t have to teach you since you are lover of NATURE.I strongly recommend you and your friends to sit,relax and see wildlife just from the cottage itself.During daytime, You can do excellent photography since you are in the middle of jungle or go for trekking and my local guide will take you to some awesome places including leopards dining hall(NO JOKE BUT YOU SHOULD BE VERY MUCH PREPARED MENTALLY AND PHICALLY)

    If you are really interested pl contact me for further details.

    Thanks N Best Regards
    Rajalingam Sukumar

  98. Hey Anita, Great introduction about yourself! After reading it, one gets the feeling that I know you well! You sure are a communication professional!

    I wrote one about myself recently and may be I will take some cues from your intro.

  99. mannnn u r 2 gud anita
    damm happy 2 c tat im not only d person who livez life like dis….i can c a mirror image of mine in u…..sweethrt it ll b gr8 if u personally mail me n temme bout rural tourism

  100. Hey Anita,

    As always, your’s is one blog I just can go on & on reading. Such a gift…truly! Keep writing & rocking. I Keep dropping in every once in a while to catch up on your blog. Alive, refreshing, simple, slice of life…always leave with a smile & a quiet sense of pride. 🙂

  101. Hi Anita,
    Was looking up shillong and happen to come across your blog. Its a plesure going through your writing and I really enjoyed the way you express yourself. Take care and will drop in again.


  102. Hi Anita,
    Your intro is beautifully written. Believe me its more like my intro. From the zodiac sign to interest to the wish list…you are my photocopy ( since I am younger than you, I can say ” i am your photocopy”.

  103. @ alvarine: glad you enjoyed it!

    @ Vishy Kuruganti: will drop by sometime! And hope you’re settling down well into Bangalore!

    @ manoj: hey, hope you’re enjoying both your SLR and the cycle! take care 🙂

    @ Namrata: thanks a lot for dropping by and am glad you enjoyed reading my blog!

    @ Rajalingam Sukumar: thanks a ton! will keep your place in mind if i visit masinagudi sometime in the future!

    @ Jayadeep: thanks a lot!

    @ priyanka: thanks! you can connect any time via my email ID!

    @ Kumar Basavaraju: thanks a lot!

    @ Naju: thanks dear for dropping in! always nice to hear from you. will visit your part of the country some time to see you hopefully :0)

    @ nik: thanks and glad you enjoyed it!

    @ aasha: hey, glad to meet a photocopy!

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    And feel your writing heart touchy.I am proud of you.

  106. just came here by accident…looking for good bangla foof option in Bangalore. Needless to say your introduction about youself feels as true and effotless to read as anything i had read. Will drop in again look for something. Cheers

  107. Just searching for a Nikon F75, and found out your page..Awsome..
    Beautifully described yourself..

  108. I stumbled on here researching property prices in Bangalore and what a treat! Loved reading a few of your posts and your intro.

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  110. While surfing the web i landed up here! As a web gypsy spent a decade on meeting people and mindscapes i wanna say .. Happy to meet you! What about taking a sip at my new little offering ? Happy blogging and happy living too!

    With warm regards
    Osai Chella Fm Coimbatore

  111. Found your hard work and joy whilst researching Goa in the monsoon.
    Im on my way now, tickets booked from home in Mexico to home in Scotland then the rain of Scotland to the rain of India.

    Ive seen three days of rain in the past eight months its amazing what others find miserable some find the best.

    May your travels be free of horn honking spitters my friend.


  112. Hi Anita,
    Since you made this intro on 25 May 2005 12:52 AM, I see that ppl like me wave into this blog shore even now…
    I know, It is really nice to feel it. Being myself another piscean, I wonder why didnt we meet earlier with these alike interests… Everything has a time for it to get executed, so will wait for the time the day we meet for a trek, or a run or a cycle or a walk or a fotografic exploration or a wildlife camp.
    Keep writing, I am big fan of your fotografs and blogs…

    thanks fr your contributions to the world

    -myashu (read it together, dont split it into my ashu, pls)

  113. A blue-eyed cat lover checking in. 🙂
    I got here in a somewhat roundabout way from
    This seems quite different, some combining of different interests of mine, so let me see if I can keep up with it. 🙂

  114. Hi Anita,

    Another lad from shillong who has seen his childhood grow in this beautiful place….Honest and upfront…you have described yourself very well….

  115. You like Cats and also India. Thats a paradox. Since You have lived in Bangalore ( as do I ), were You not totally surrounded by dogs. I have five Cats now, and it is a daily struggle to keep them alive, a true Jad-o-Jihad. Remember the only Cat liked in Bharat is the Lion because its more of a dog than a Cat.

    Read in a Russian website about a Cat of a Siberian village, who had been taken to a far-away town by his householders. The Cat didn’t like the town, ran away. The householders returned to their village and about three months later, Cat returns to his village trekking two thousand kilometers through the Siberian forest evading bears and wolves but for some time goes about fearful and furtive, but what an animal.

    Cats are not pets but something else. Teachers to the society. Those who respect them make great society. Those who don’t, make themselves slaves and coolies.

  116. Hi Anita,

    Your blog has been anspiration for the blog starters like me.

    I quiet like your intro and im trying make one in a similar fashion 🙂

    All the best!

    Best Regards,

  117. Hi Anita,

    I dnt knw abt u but yeah you talk like a common man but sound like a celebrity. I adore n fear a person who knows this much about herself.


  118. Apart from cooking, I was thinking of starting another blog which could be an extension to me, my innerself. Then while thinking of a name I got your blog justlikethat. Reading it I got all the more inspired. Piscean as you. I think we are more independent and thats why want to move beyond boundaries. Only if I could fly 🙂

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  120. hii!!!

    Its so nice to see a blog whoz writer is an Assamese! i’m so happy u cnt imagine!!(m grinning 😀 )
    I dont really know how i came across your blog..i was simply googling. Oh! I’m Madhurima from guwahati..born in in noida, Amity University pursuing International Business.

    Keep up the good work! (I love photography too!!!) 🙂
    Take care

  121. Hello,
    Had no clue as to whom this blog belongs to.. who you are and how much popularity ur blog has.

    Like a lost soul landed here via digging profiles at twitter.

    And was just surprised and crazy reading the comments, which were equally a delight to read. Read uptill 42nd comment and then realised the list is really long.

    Well I dont have special words to praise you.. but special feeling. i really loved reading every bit of ur introduction. How well the thoughts rolled out making a connection betweenthe reader n writer..
    U seem to be a great person in life. wish to meet u or at least be some where in ur contact list.

    The para reading about you and your Mom … touched the heart.. I experience something similar with my sweetheart.

    awesome read…leaving ur blog feeling delighted n sparked.
    God Bless You…!! Keep Smiling..!!

    following u on twitter.

  122. ——————————————————-
    Anita, My email to the address above failed once and
    I’m not sure if it reached you, so pasting a copy here..

    My name is Madhu Rao. I am in the process of writing an article for my blog — revolving around Lalbagh. I came across your set on Lalbagh and fell in love with it. Not just because it is good(it is breathtaking) but also because it compliments my article so well — play of lights on a Lalbagh morning.

    I’m writing to you to see if you would consider allowing me to use your photos with due acknowledgements to you. My site is just a window for me and a few fellow authors to write ; it has no ads and does not generate any income — non commercial .

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    Thanks & Regards,
    Madhu Rao

  123. Like you I grew up in the North-East and my fond memories are of my stay in Shillong. Also worked in B’lore for 6 years.

    I like your blog. Keep up your running. I know RFL is a good group. You may have already met some of my friends there (Mahesh, Shumit to name a few).


  124. Hi Anita,

    Greetings from another blogger,self taught photographer, Assamese ( now living in the UK for the last 6 years),Piscean, lover of cycling and swimming!

    You have such a lovely way with words and reading your profile made me feel as if I’ve always known you.I just thought of checking out your blog through a comment you left in facebook on Arundathi’s page. I know her as another fellow food blogger. BTW, Rituraj is a childhood buddy.

    You have such a positive and healthy attitude towards life,and are in true sense, a free spirit.

    Keep up your good work, can’t wait to go through your lovely space.


  125. wow Anita !! amazing places you have been to !! i wish, someday i will go n see at least some of those serene scenic places .. i really wish for that

  126. Hi Anita,
    I just happened to visit ur blog accidentaly while searching for valpaarai pics, the place I wanted to go since a very long time. I read ur blog and some comments too.
    What I feel is that anyone who is good in english can write like this(sorry to say this). I also want to write like this but I knw I can’t in my life.
    But I salute you the way you live ur life. You are one amazing person. I also want to live like that but dnt know how. I shud say you are one of the very few successful persons in life.
    90% of the indians including me are losers because they are not doing what they really like.Please share the secret behind this and I hope one day I will also become like you.

    By the way I also live in blore , climate is nice, everything else horrible. All the best for your future trips and endeavors.

  127. Hey Anita,
    I was going through your photo albums, and I find them amazing!
    I was wondering what camera you use.. Because I’ve seen that even if the pictures are amazing, there is some photoshopping involved later on. But the camera still matters!


  128. HI,
    I am Piyali, and an ex Loreto Darjeeling student.You know, I literally lived my life over with your writing. The bitter sweet memories, the nitty gritties of being an LC ite. I also remembered my 1 st crush( read love) whom I never got but still love.Then I turned to your page about yourself. Here I found that you are all that i had wanted to be. may be till a certain extent tried but then you know, some guys have all the luck and some guys have all the pain, and I happen to fall in the second category. So, as fate would have it, I tied the knot. I’m sure you have heard of the famous saying that ” marriages are made in heaven”, so it is , and my marriage proves that even god makes mistakes.
    now, I live like a lost identity, like a crusader who suddenly became a lunatic and lost his vision and goal. And just like him, I go living each day with no dreams for tomorrow.
    But its only when I meet or read about people like you, that I feel a tinge of happiness. Because you have lived life at your own will and I salute you for doing so……

    Thank you for the wonderful writing.
    With sincere regards,
    A fan,

  129. Hey Anita,

    Came across your blog while googling up trips to the Nilgiris, and simply loved it.

    Been scrolling down forever to leave a comment and i can understand why!

  130. hey it was a nice intro of yur
    m a student in school of planning and architecture, i love photography and finding new side of sumthing in a picture rather than seeing wat a common man sees,i just gott passed by yur blog wen searching for sumthing else but wen i started reading yur article about “yurself” i couldnot resist myself from completing it. I found sumwhat of it matchin to me the journey from Dibrugarh-guwahati-now banglore– i loved reading yur piece and yur pics are owesum.

  131. Anita!

    Oh My God

    Stumbled on to your blog.
    Read through a few articles.
    Liked the professional look.
    Reading your ‘About’
    Realized there were way too many comments to read.
    Just before I closed the page

    I saw a name….my name
    A comment I posted in 2007 when I just started my first blog.

    Now I’m in my third blog

    Deja Vu!

    I was searching for Indian blogging communities and in particular, bloggers in Hyderabad and stumbled here.

    Thank You.

  132. Loved the intro you have put up about yourself. Nice writeup!
    Got the link to your blog from your Dailymile profile and I’m glad that I did (one of the many advantages of cycling ;)). Yet to go through other posts on the blog, which I will soon.
    Cheers !

  133. @ nagarjuna: thanks so much!

    @ anushila: glad you liked it!

    @ bikash: hope you found some good bong food 🙂 do drop by!

    @ karthik: i am not sure – i haven’t participated one for a few years now! 🙂

    @ sourabh: thanks! hope you got the camera too!

    @ laksh: thank you!

    @ osai chella: will drop by for a sip!

    @ thanks pinku!

    @ thanks sean – glad you enjoyed the country and the rains! i am stuck with these honkers – they will never change, that’s for sure!

    @ bala: thanks!

    thanks myashu (no split!) – we should meet sometime definitely! i am hoping the universe aligns our paths soon 🙂

    @ cat: any cat is welcome here!!

    @ brijesh: and what a place 🙂 and thanks!

    @ sahay: that i am!

    @ sameer: hope your brood is doing well. and yes, its a challenge to bring up cats here. people are generally very “ignorant” about cats sadly and also take no effort to get rid of their misconceptions. but i’m happy to meet cat lovers – it tells me that there’s hope in the world!

    @ thanks gaurav!

    @ N|H: :))

    @ shweta: all the best!

    @ om: shukriya!

    @ pushpak: haha, i am not sure if i should take it as a compliment!!

    @ anshika: i am sure you can! just keep it up 🙂

    @ madhurima: bhal lagile tumar kotha podhi 🙂 and all the best for your endeavours!

    @ priyanka: thank you! you’re the kind of person that makes me feel really good. and reminds me that i need to keep blogging! will catch you online somewhere 🙂

    @ madhu: done!

    @ ravi: hey! fond memories? 🙂 i do know shumit!

    @ thanks abul!

    @ sunita: i’ve been checking up on your recipes now and then ;-p hoping it will inspire me to cook, though i usually land up feeling hungry instead! haha 🙂

    @ abhik: my memory is failing 🙂

    @ sreelatha: if you really want to, i doubt anything will stop you 🙂

    @ mahesh; thanks and all the best to you too!

    @ siddhant: thanks! and no, i barely have time to photoshop, let alone upload all my photos :-p

    @ piyali: i think everyone goes through ups and downs. the important thing is to learn from them and move on. don’t let them bog you down! i feel there are no mistakes, or right things or wrong things, just wrong timing and different expectations that don’t work out. always keep the hope alive and good things happen – i am sure life has a lot in store for you, so all the very best to you!

    @ mercy: i am glad you did!

    @ maverick: heh, i might make a novel out of it someday!

    @ ah, a disaster led to this? heh. some things work out well 🙂

    @ neeraj: ganga, ganges – not same thing? might be my ignorance. i will look it up!

    @ keshav: that’s really great to know! and i hope you do many more great things in the years ahead – all the very best!

    @ sagar: thanks a ton! glad you enjoyed it. and it’s a small world so i am sure we will bump into each other!! 🙂

  134. hey its me 4m d city of orange i really like ur essences of writing, u have written abt urself o well as we think being a part of ur life i m student jst wann say that i 2 wann be like u i wann write like u so that it not only touches d heart bt d preson itself , i knw i will………….

  135. I am not surprised you have so many comments for your introduction. It is one of the nicest I have read. All I can say is – this is probably just the inspiration I needed to start thinking about having my own blog!

    I seem to identify so much with you. Will write to you on your email id sometime. Hope we can connect and get on to be friends in future.

    Wish you the best in life.

  136. @ yamini: thank you and keep writing – it just gets better!

    @ shilpa: thanks so much! you should give it a go. starting it is the easy part though – maintaining it is the challenge 🙂 do drop me a mail!

  137. I just came across your blog while I was researching visiting Goa in August. I’m so happy I found you, your pictures and writing are so engaging and I’ve been enjoying seeing all the places you’ve been. I’m looking forward to following along now.

  138. As I was looking for Indian bloggers I camo to know about it.To be precise I was looking for Assamese bloggers.The way you’ve written your introduction I think you’ve done the right thing to choose journalism as your career,you’ve creativity and the power to express yourself which I think most of us don’t possess to let the world know what is there in our brain & heart.Keep it up !!

  139. hmm, aapka comment box failed to read the devnagri script which is bit of shame. Govinda said NAAM SE KYA LENA MERA KAAM DEKHO YAARON.

    And I said that aapka blog kabile tarif hai.

  140. Hello Anita,

    Well its a great info about you and had a grt time to see ur blog such a interesting……….and i am trying to make a website from my past 3 yrs when i am 17 yrs old but till now i didnot but had a small website wish u will check and leave me a comment for my website to my mail waiting for your response because had a gr8 time to visit your website…………hurree……

  141. Excellent intro ever seen….bravo Anita ji…..keep posting more…I’m really amazed by your thoughts. They are very pure & transparent indeed…:)

  142. Hi Anita,
    Your blog is so very much full of life.Very well written and i liked the way you have made those summaries, esp the categories.

  143. Hi Mamon

    I have come to know about many of your activities through my wife’s facebook account. Congratulation !

    We have been publishing a magazine Friends

    I hope you will like it . I also have a request if we can get some of your articles for Friends.



    you can reply to my hotmail address

  144. Wow!! You are fantastic… I like the way you narrate things. I like the passion you with which you talk about life. I like the mind that assist you… Simply i like it all. You are awesome. Keep it up. I wil keep coming here.

  145. Hii Anita….great work…quite impressive blog with rich content..
    and sorry for stalking…but i’m quite impressed with your personal life too…I think its quite obvious why you chose “India” as your theme..
    well I;ve gotta request for you…
    Could you please include me in the list of Indian bloggers.
    I’ve got entertainment blog.
    url- “

  146. Anita,
    Your blog re: Golden Chariot train is a few years old. Is that train journey still as lavish as your comments from 2008?

    1. @Jo: i don’t really have too much updated information on the Chariot except that it’s still running and they have been trying to improve the experiences over the years!

  147. don’t mind, if you want, like my suggestion, follow it, else just ignore it, that i found that when i clicks on post comment button whole page reloads, but i would like to suggest you if you add AJAX tech ( xmlHttpRequest, etc stuff ), your blog user can submit their comments without page load.

  148. I don’t know how many times I have visited your blogs..Always liked the pics and the words..Being rooted in the same state, I also do share many common feelings..Specially about Bangalore, you just snatched my words! All the best, will keep visitng your blog

  149. Though I have read many blogs, this is the first time I’m leaving a comment.It was just a matter of Google search for Bangalore metro workers and their demand for a journey in metro for their families. That connected me to your blog. I must say you did a great job. A lot of information in a unique style of writing.


  150. Hey Anita,
    I have just read ur blog.
    Hmm really good! first i got into reading it to know how others write.
    I must say, i m impressed.
    U can leave a comment on my blog or atleast read it…
    Its very simple. i like to keep things simple to make it more reachable..
    And all the best for ur future endeavors..

  151. Just landed on your blog and I am very impressed. I love the fact that you mention, you have no roots. It takes a lot of courage to say something like that specially if one is India. Well done.

  152. @Shalu: thanks a lot! Glad you liked it. I think it happens to a lot of us who are born somewhere, brought up somewhere else, and then live someplace else. Not sure if it’s a bad thing or a good thing. But it’s fun!

  153. Well, you are very interesting person yar..Its nice to know about you 🙂 You’ve got very impressive style of writing….

    I m kind of weird like you…i am software professional, doing M.Sc correspondence in maths and author of Kannada Novel “Anapekshita”!!!..Hoping for ur friendship….:)

  154. Incredible blog, stunning pictures.
    I am also from Jorhat, learning travelography. Feeling lucky to meet you as a master of travel blogging. Thank you very much Baideu.

  155. Hi … liked your blog.. seems u haven’t yet been to my part of the planet. If you ever plan a trip to see Himachal /kinnaur .. we would definitely like to host someone who writes so well !!

  156. its very difficult to say I have no roots. you are a brave woman to said like that. Life is not a system to do what our ancestors did. I love to searching new place and people, your blog might be help me in my upcoming plans …
    best wishes Anita ba cheers..

  157. Dear Anita,

    wow, I had to scroll down a whole lot of comments with a very slow wifi connection to say this and I’m quite determined to say this. That is one hell of a description. It’s the “About me” of someone who has CLEARLY lived. I can see that now.
    I came across your blog while searching for ways to solo travel, and blogging about it too, and it’s nice to see that you take on life as an adventure. I’m probably just on level one with the travel blogging thing but I’d love to pick up a few things from you if you’re willing to help. I’d love to work with you sometime!

    Till then, have a good life!
    -Aish xx

    1. Thanks Aish! Happy to help any way I can. Am a bit slow in responding as I am usually caught up with several things, but feel free to email (anitabora at gmail dot com) if you have any specific queries I can help you with. And thanks 🙂

  158. Hi Anita,

    Splendid introduction. I can see that we share a common interest, and that is cycling expedition and Himalayan tours. Also, I have seen a lot of North East, including the Himalayan valleys (since I served in the forces). Also lived in places like Kohima (I love the Hornbill Festival), Shillong, Tawang, Itanagar, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, NJP, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia and Shibsagar.

    I firmly believe that North East still happens to be alien for the rest of the country and has abundant scope for nature and adventure travel. I am a blogger, like you (of course not as reputed as you, but I can pen down few experiences). I intend to develop a company on experiential travel especially for such tours in India and abroad. I have travelled to few countries abroad as well, Singapore, Thailand, Georgia(Asia), South Africa to name a few, and found the craze for experiential travel sky high.

    I will highly appreciate if we can talk aloud on a Skype call at a convenient time of yours. My skype id is rajatchakraborty81. Please reply with your contact no. and I will get in touch with you.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajat Chakraborty

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