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What’s happening with blogspot?

This is shocking! I thought one site was down till I read this story. I hope it gets resolved soon. I can’t access any blogspot blogs as of now… And till then, you can use this URL to access blogspot blogs. From “Two sources, one inside the Government of India and the other kind of inside/outside have confirmed to the Mutiny, that ISPs are being instructed to ‘control’ access to blogspot. It seems that some blogs are being used by some terror units (read SIMI) to communicate.” Here’s the blogger collective group that has been formed. Jace is following the ban and writes: “Get this, folks. This isn’t about censoring bloggers. This is about curtailment of civil rights of all internet users. That is what we should be fighting against.” More on Boing-Boing. Shivam Vij is following through on the phone. A list of ISPs that seem to have blocked blogspot blogs. And Anand manages to cling on to his sense of humour and the Great Bong hasn’t lost all his reasoning either! Don’t …

Kaavya’s Boo Boo

Picture this. You’ve got yourself a huge advance on your book. You need to finish it. Quickly. The publishers are pounding on the door. With the money bags. What do you do? You scurry to your library, pick up some novels you really loved reading and randomly start copying (or getting inspired) bits here and there. Besides, you’re only 17! Unfortunately though for you, several others too have read the same book.

Politics of life, love and betrayal

It’s been on my reading list for a while and I finally managed to finish it!

The Kite Runner is about two boys Amir and Hassan who grow up in Afghanistan. While Amir is the son of a businessman, Hassan’s father is a servant to Amir’s father. Yet, they forge a friendship when they are really young (they are also nursed by the same woman). Inspite of their closeness, Amir finds it difficult to acknowledge Hassan as a friend because of their class differences. Once particular incident seals their fate and Amir can never reconcile to what constitutes a rather cowardly act.

A journey along the Brahmaputra

Just finished this really interesting travel book called River Dog. I found it most enthralling since it takes a lot to undertake a journey of this nature. Not only is it fraught with dangers and risks of all kinds; but the Himalayas, Tibet and Arunachal are not very friendly terrains for travel. Mark Shand, the author of the book, follows the source of the mighty Brahmaputra from Tibet, through Arunachal Pradesh (where it becomes the Siang), through Assam and then finally empties out into the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. Picture taken in 2004 when I last visited home, from the banks of the Brahmaputra in Guwahati. His journey is peppered with his experiences with interesting people, harsh terrains, his many challenges and adventures (like falling off a swinging bridge, nearly bitten by a snake etc.) on the way. I liked it more because of Shand’s sense of humour that is woven into the very fabric of all his adventures, making for really interesting reading. In the beginning itself, Shand starts off looking for a …