Jag here writes about progressing from a walkman to an MP3 player.

Reminding me of my loyal device, which has kept me company over more than four years now. And I haven’t had any problems with it yet. Of course, it looks old and worn out. But it hasn’t given me much reason to complain, other than that. It’s a woman’s best friend in a city like Mumbai. And if you travel around often, you’ll probably know what I mean.

For one, it cuts out the noise on the road. When you are travelling in Mumbai, ear plugs are essential because of the noise levels. Everyone on the road is honking. And there are some really ghastly tunes out there.

It cuts out the noise in the compartment. Travel in a local train at peak hours and you’ll know what I mean. You cannot even imagine the cacophony that emerges out of a hundred odd women packed like sardines.

It cuts out the comments yucky leery men pass. I don’t think a single day goes by when you don’t get to hear some sidey comment from a creep standing on the road, or passing you by on the railway platform. When I first came to Mumbai, it was the most difficult thing to get used to. Over a period of time, you learn to either ignore it or block it out totally. But it never really goes away. I have even hit a few men who decided to take a step further by trying to paw their way around. But having a walkman plugged in helps a lot. At least you don’t have to hear what they are saying.

I was really happy when FM stations launched. And a few did actually play some good music. Unfortunately, all they play these days are remixes and Hindi numbers and there are only that many you can hear. So I hardly listen to radio anymore.

A CD player seems a little bulky to carry around in trains, as Jag says, so I guess I need to progress to a MP3 player myself.

7 thoughts on “Why I love my ‘walkman’

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I plan to make the transition from Walkman to MP3 player, but all the while I’m glad to have a shield of sorts from guys inclined to whistle or catcall at me. Their parents sure raised them to be gentlemen. πŸ˜›

    I did get an MP3 player, a Rio s30s. But the USB cable was incompatible with the ports on my machine. So I plan to save up for an iPod. Why have hamburger when you can have steak, I figure.

  2. I can never have music playing right in my ears, it gives me a headache whenver I try, so that’s why you’ll never see me with a walkman/CD player/MP3 player/etc etc


  3. Personal MP3 player? That’s got to be an iPod, no two ways about it. Sadly, they’re expensive, and those who have them do not part with them. So start saving.

    Btw, I was of the view that Bombay was a far better than most other metros in matters regarding unwanted attention from men. Is it not, you say, or are you comparing only vs. Assam/someplace else? I’ve been raving about how safe Bombay is for women to my fiance, so this is rude info.

  4. Re: the iPod – I was seriously tempted – a serious piece of style that thing – but it’s just toooo big! I am completely handsfree and pocketfree with my little MP3 player – completely liberated. OK – so I can only fit around 12 CD albums on it – which means I have to recycle my albums around once every 3 or 4 months. Hey – that’s a small price to pay for the feeling of complete freedom!

  5. Anne: An iPod sounds good πŸ™‚ I’m not sure if it’s available in India though.

    Khushee: The key is to use just the right volume -not too loud, not too low. And of course, it takes a little getting used to. For people like me who move around a lot, a portable device makes a lot of sense.

    Sid: Are they available here? How much would one cost? About the men – I think that Mumbai is probably the safest when it comes to cities. But what I meant was the cat calling and leering. That, one finds everywhere. It does not matter which city you’re in. But you’re right, Delhi is definitely the worst city when it comes to that. I feel really uncomfortable there. So you can tell your Tan not to worry too much πŸ˜‰ Besides, once you get your own vehicle, its not that bad. I guess, its when you have to use public transport a lot, these incidents tend to happen.

    Jag: 12 CD albums? Wow! I am very impressed. That little thing fits in so many albums?

  6. Yours truly is in Chicago, home of a new Apple megastore *swoon*, but here’s hoping an Apple retail outlet makes it way toward your hometown. πŸ™‚

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