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An I-Day surprise

I woke up feeling slightly depressed on I-Day. A few nagging matters refused to leave me in peace, and the best way to tackle this state, I’ve found over time, is to occupy myself with some activity or another. Geetha and I had noble intentions of watching the I-Day parade. Geetha had asked me the night before, “should we not do something patriotic?” and we agreed that watching the parade would definitely be along those lines. Unfortunately, none of us could wake up on time. Instead, about 7 of us met up for a late lunch at Indijoes, which had a special buffet for the day. The place was packed and it was a good half hour before we got a place. After a long lunch, we moved on to the Café Coffee Day at Indiranagar where we chatted, debated and argued (Vasu in particular) till some of us got so loud that it was surprising they didn’t ask us to leave. This particular Coffee Day has a really agreeable location. And with the pleasant …

Songs from the wood

Jethro Tull as expected rocked the IIM grounds last Friday (Jan 3). It was my first visit to the much hallowed campus and whatever little I saw looked good. There was hardly any space for parking with all the narrow roads choc-a-bloc with vehicles. I made a reasonably early entry arriving with my precious pass in hand (thanks to Usha!). As soon as I entered the grounds, I made my way to the very front of the stage.

Two noteworthy performances

I have to write about two performances that I enjoyed in the last week.

One was last Sunday evening at the Palace Grounds – Octoberfest, the festival organized by Kingfisher. Since, beer is not something that tickles my fancy, I was hoping the music would be worth going for. On that note, I must also add, that I was pleasantly surprised by the way the whole set-up was organized. They had nice seating arrangements all around the front area of the stage, so you could chill out and eat your food and drink your beer and enjoy the music from wherever you were.

When Sat came to town!

Joe Satriani rocked and everything they say about him being a god is true!! He was simply amazing. If Knoffler rocked, Satriani rocked with a capital R! He came on stage in his trademark black shades and black t-shirt. He took his guitar at 7.00 pm and only stopped at 10.00 pm after 3 hours of continuous strumming, riffing, raffing and whatever the hell is does with his guitar. As Arnab Suman rightly commented, the guy makes love to his guitar. Adel managed to get loads of pictures on his brand new camera (mere paas Nokia 6670 hai!) and Suman (mere paas iPod hai!) was in 7th heaven after actually shaking hands with the man at Reliance Webworld earlier that day. The ticket he bought was the lucky one and he got to meet the man himself. Poor Arnab was devastated since both had bought tickets together. Better luck next time, Arnie! (I must mention Arnie’s friend Saurabh who kept calling his friends through the concert and made them listen to Sat on his phone. …