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Songs from the wood

Jethro Tull as expected rocked the IIM grounds last Friday (Jan 3). It was my first visit to the much hallowed campus and whatever little I saw looked good. There was hardly any space for parking with all the narrow roads choc-a-bloc with vehicles. I made a reasonably early entry arriving with my precious pass in hand (thanks a lot to Usha!). As soon as I entered the grounds, I made my way to the very front of the stage.

Ian AndersonMy last encounter with Tull was from the last row of a Mumbai auditorium so this time I made sure I was up front! TAAQ opened for Tull and played some of their numbers. It’s 10 years for this talented band and it was good to see them going strong with their new vocalist David Pascal.

Ian Anderson at 58 (thanks Suman for pointing out his correct age!) is wonderfully agile, I must say. The way he pranced around the stage, changing instruments, would put even a 25 year old to shame! He was amazing, to say the very least. I am not sure how he’s sustained his energy, but I’m filled with admiration and I had to pick up my jaws from IIMB’s dusty grounds on many an occasion that evening!

They played many not so old, old, and very old numbers. Some of my favourites : Life’s a Long Song, Thick as a Brick, Locomotive Breath and Hot Night in Budapest (what awesome acoustics!). The lesser heard Mozs Art (Tull’s tribute to Mozart) and Bach were simply brilliant.

After the show, we trooped to one of the canteens serving up hot bread omlettes, maggi and paratha chicken and whiled our time away till about midnight when most of the crowd had dissipated.

On Saturday evening, we went for a jazz and violin performance at Opus. The atmosphere at this place is really nice and they usually have interesting live music sessions or karaoke nights happening there as I’ve written before. But unfortunately, the service leaves us cold every time. I am not sure they are really up to handling the crowds they get for these events, but even the bill takes anywhere up to half and hour or more. I wish they’d pay a little more attention to the service. Even their drinks and food menu, IMHO, can do with a revival and some fresh blood (or fresh taste at least). It has all the makings of a perfect place for an evening out otherwise.

Uriah Heep performs tomorrow at the Bangalore Palace Ground. There’s a performance of Zakir Hussain and Birju Maharaj coming up and also a dance performance at Chowdiah tomorrow that promises to be interesting. Much to do and see as usual!


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