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Finding happiness in Kerala!

Pharrell Williams set off a really large happy virus when he released his “Happy” song. Now there thousands of versions around the world now with everyone hooked into making their own videos and if you haven’t starred in one yet, make sure you do it quickly. It’s catchy, fun and good for your soul! We made one during the Kerala trip, thanks to the camera work of Anthony, who’s captured some amazing shots of us dancing (and trying to dance) to the tune in scenic locations during our 15 day journey. Well, it’s difficult not to be happy in Kerala! And go make your own happy video now!

And this is how we bend it!

After 15 days on the road, the Kerala Blog Express chugged into Cochin and came to a halt. It’s been fun. It’s been tiring. It’s been exciting. Yes, it’s been quite a trip. And instead of writing about more sights or sounds, here’s a fun post. Introducing some of my fellow passengers on board the Kerala Blog Express (KBE) 2014. It’s been fun getting to know them and though it’s impossible to cover everyone, but here’s an attempt to present a few. And with a twist. Yes – I’ve convinced, sweet talked and arm twisted them to do various yoga poses with me. A disclaimer – these might not be “real” yoga poses, but we should at least get brownie points for trying. Daniel is from Brazil and is a very well-known journalist and writes for several high profile publications in his home country. He’s in India for the second time and is excited to be Kerala. From here, he goes onto Ethiopia for an assignment (I’m jealous!), before flying home. And I have a …

Hungry, kya?

“You’ve never been to Food Street?” I could hear disbelief in Badri’s voice when I replied in the negative. It’s true. I’ve never been there. Never had the chance. And besides, no one’s ever suggested meeting at Food Street before. So on Sunday evening, a few of us got together and decided on a rendezvous at this place.

Adventures with my hero

Everyone needs a hero, right? So here’s a small story about mine. So, the hero’s been around for a while, but never really gotten a taste of adventure. Of what life can be like : on the road. I’ve been meaning to take him out on a jaunt to experience real life… but the timing was never quite right. It finally happened last Sunday.

A time to eat… and eat some more

Rongali Bihu is a fun time for us Assamese people. Luckily for me, I landed in the thick of action. The second day itself I was whisked off for a Bihu gathering by my dad. Apparently it’s a tradition for his group of friends (going way back to 1957!) to meet during Bihu and spend some time together. So a group of his friends was there along with their better halves in some cases, making it a motley collection of about 20 odd 60+ year folks recollecting their school days and still bonding so many years later. It was a rather nice sight to see.