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Hungry, kya?

“You’ve never been to Food Street?”

I could hear disbelief in Badri’s voice when I replied in the negative.

It’s true. I’ve never been there. Never had the chance. And besides, no one’s ever suggested meeting at Food Street before.

So on Sunday evening, a few of us got together and decided on a rendezvous at this place.

It was as expected : a lot of food. I had just had a large Sunday brunch and decided to concentrate on photography while the other wolved down everything in sight.

We started from one end and this itself lasted well over an hour : chaats, bondas, akki rotis, idlis, dosas (served with some delicious chutneys), pakodas, masala cold drinks, badaam milk, buttered corn – nothing was spared. And just when I thought we had tasted it all, we were at the next stall!

They even have Chinese and “Manchoory” on offer.

“This is bigger than Khao Galli,” was Vishal’s comment. Vishal was our visitor from Mumbai.

The corn stall was a big hit with mango corn, butter corn and every kind of corn on offer. Divya tried everything possible and still some more with Archana giving her company.

The guy at the corn stall even had a mechanized fan that was attached to his cart to blow the air.

Then a few policemen came and tried to push them out of the galli. No doubt this is an everyday affair. They will probably be back soon.

The “masalafied” pepsi, fanta and soda – weird! Though everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

The place is crowded from one end to the other. It’s done, I thought as we reached the end. No, says Badri. We now need to cross over and do the other side of the street. Even a foodie like me was mortified!

So that was my Food Street experience. I definitely wished I could have gone there with an empty stomach and not after a 3 hour meal! But next time…

Located at VV Puram, walking distance from Lalbagh West Gate. Open from 6 pm till well after 11 pm.

Must visit: But only if you’re upto street food and anything it has to offer. Not for those with a delicate constitution.

The Food Street Album


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