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Food Fest!

So we Bangalore Metbloggers have been in a foodie mood lately, all fuelled by my desire to get some posts going out of the gang!

I started off the chain with the search for the perfect momo – part one and two. Usha writes about the delightful café at the Alliance. Sujatha reviews Herbs & Spices, the rather cosy delightful place in Indiranagar. Looking for a quick roll? Ravi tells you that Fanoos is a good choice. He also takes my 2 post threat to heart and visits Annachi in 100 feet Road, Koramangala, and says he can cook better! We are going to take him up on that soon! Shruthi writes about one of my favourite tea places, called Infinitea. And btw, you do get a lot more than just tea there! Rubic_Cube goes looking for the perfect idly and Kanth gives us a sampling of more Chettinad in Koramangala at Ponnuswamy’s. Where apparently, you also get rabbit!

Okay, don’t complain that I haven’t given you enough food for thought (and the stomach) to get you through the weekend!


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