Shibs and I go to this place often until last month, we saw a closing down sign. That was quite upsetting since we loved the waffles in this place. But last week I got a forward from a friend with some good news that two enterprising folks were taking up the tough ask of reviving the place!

The place is none other than De Lekkerbek, the Belgian Café, on 80 feet road, Koramangala.

So the other day, along with Shibs, and a few others, it was time to revisit…


It’s a nice and quiet place to sit and catch up with friends. The waffles were great as usual and we also tried the banana crepe. Besides that, we ordered the chicken scallopini, Belgian fries and a vegetarian dish, whose name I forget.

Ranjeet and Riad, the two folks who are going to try and revive the place need your support! So do visit it as soon as you get a chance! Both of them are doing this along with their work, so it’s definitely going to be challenging for them. I also did an interview with Ranjeet, which should go on Bangalore Metblogs tomorrow.

Banana Crepe

If you’re in the area, passing by or want a quiet and cosy place to catch up with friends over some yummy treats, I’d recommend you visit the place pronto! Don’t forget to please do pass the word around to your friends, relatives and countrymen (heck, even your enemies, after all they shouldn’t be denied waffles!)!

And bon appétit!

Landmark: The crossing leading to Raheja Residency. From there you need to go just about 200 meters towards the Sony World junction side. On the right is Band Box, a drycleaning place, and on the first floor is the café.

Belgian Café

14 thoughts on “Oh, for a taste of Belgium!

  1. Hi Anita,
    I just read about this place last night. Called up today to find out that it was closed on mondays. Will surely try it out tomorrow. Need a change from all the limited eat out places at Kormangala.

  2. I had been here for lunch with colleagues, good food.
    The board which said ‘Lekkerbek’ has now been replaced with a more prominent ‘Belgian Cafe’.

  3. I’ve been there a couple of times. Absolutely liked it. but I feel they have been changing the place a lot. When I last visited, there was just sweets and coffee only. No food 🙁

  4. the food looks soooo good. Well since i am currently jobless. and have plenty of time on my hand i shall try it out. Thanks for Putting those Beautiful pics on your blog. Yumee….
    are you guessing who am i???

  5. kalyan: yes, its open every day except mondays! do try it some other time 🙂

    shub: close to office? that’s great!

    deepsan: yup! looks much brighter now but perhaps a nice glowing neon sign will attract more attention…

    perspectives: please do!

    aqua: i think you’ll disappear from our lives when you go to whitefield!

    jax: that’s strange. i’ve had food there! its not an extensive menu but it’s definitely there 🙂 you must try it again…

    nitin: please do! and of course, aren’t you nita’s brother? 🙂

  6. Anita: It had only Belgian Chocolates and Coffee when I last went there. But that was more than a year ago…

    Now, I’ve moved to Chennai a couple of days back. 🙁 Will definitely revisit the shop the next time I’m in Bangalore…

  7. Thanks for recommending the Cafe, we checked it out this Sunday for brunch. Food was yummy especially the waffles, banana crepe and garden omlette. IMO, portions could be a bit more per plate, esp the size of toasts. The place was packed because they had placed an advert and I guess they weren’t prepared for the response too. All in all, a great time!

  8. Eat a third and drink a third and leave the remaining third of your stomach empty. Then, when you get angry, there will be sufficient room for your rage.

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