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Metbloggers meet @ Infinitea

We met on Saturday afternoon at Infinitea. There was Usha, Prabhu, Ravi and Thejesh (an ex-author and reader now :). Rajesh who blogs here, dropped in and hopefully will be a part of the team soon. He’s also written a really nice post here about the meeting and about Infinitea so you can follow this link. Divs put in a special guest appearance before rushing off to another appointment.

Metblogs meet

We do hope we’ll have more people the next time around. It’s always a pleasure meeting with such interesting people and from such varied backgrounds. It’s one of the main factors that keeps me motivated to be a part of forums like Bangalore Metblogs. It’s voluntary and free, but I think what you gain as experience cannot be measured and is worth much more in the long run.

And on that note, I’d like to add that we want to increase our team strength at Metblogs. If you’re interested, check out this page (you need to be a Bangalore resident, of course). You can’t use this form right now to join. Send me a mail instead expressing your interest: anitabora at yahoo dot com.


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