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Whirlwind week

I have no idea how Monday turned to Friday, but it just did!

Monday evening I caught up with three girlfriends and their 3 moms and had a lovely seafood dinner at Sanadige’s. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to fly my mum in to join the party 🙂 Have you folks tried it yet? If you like seafood, please try the prawns and crab. Mouthwateringly delicious is the only way to describe it!

Tuesday, saw me shooting my office in the evening with a few other enthusiasts. I had a great time overall and got a few nice pictures of our beautiful campus. Here’s the set.

Under the moonlight

Wednesday came and I caught up with Aqua for some lovely Indian food at Sikandar. It’s at Garuda Mall and if you haven’t gone yet, please TRY it. We had mutton and dal with rotis and everything was delicious!

Thursday was a movie marathon and I landed up watching a great documentary called Riding Solo to the Top of the World – if you like travelling and / or bikes, adventure etc. this is a must watch! Gaurav Jani, drives to Chanthang Plateau in Ladakh on his bullet and also documents the whole journey. It’s quite amazing as he travels through some very difficult terrain and also manages to film the whole thing! The video is also up for sale, if you’re interested in getting yourself a copy. The other movies we watched were Terrorist and then by the time we put on Water, sleep took over and we had to cut the marathon short there!

It’s Friday and I’m off to Mangalore to catch this festival. Have a great weekend folks. And do catch the Habba if you’re in town. 🙂


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