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Memories of Mangalore

It was an interesting weekend, to say the least. Monday comes around again and I’m left with memories of the lovely seaf00d (we tried everything from prawns, kingfish, seer fish to pomfret!), the beautiful seaside by Bekal and the endless walk along the renovated fort, the sunset we caught on the way back to Mangalore.

The bullocks race festival where man and animal raced furiously in the muddy slush, in what continues to be a tradition in the state. Before that we witnessed other interesting events like running races and tug of war (everything held in a mud/slush filled field!). And to end the visit, some time spent at Mangalore’s Liquid Lounge, a really cool place, where you can have a drink at prices unimaginable in Bangalore!

At the races!
The traditional bullock racing festival in Mangalore, Kambala, is an annual event

Serenity by the Sea
Yet another memorable sunset, near Bekal


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