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Air Sahara woes

(Update – December 21: After more than a week, they finally emailed the ticket! Phew. That was one long wait!)

For all their promises to ensure customer satisfaction, it’s hard to understand why they continue to be so slack!

This happened to me on Monday while booking an online ticket. The page timed out and I didn’t get the ticket. I called up customer service and they assured me that the booking was done and the lady gave me my PNR number. She also said I could retrieve my booking from the online site. She assured me they would email the ticket. Definitely. Not a problem at all.

So far so good.

Not really. Tuesday, I made a call and told them the ticket was yet to come. We will definitely email it within half an hour. Please check in half an hour the customer service person says. Okay, I sigh with relief, thinking this time they mean what they say.

Day 3: Tried calling their centre and can’t get through : it’s either engaged or no one picks up the phone!

Day 4: The saga continues. Will I get my ticket at some point of time, I wonder? I call back and explain my whole story. Our systems have been a little slow says the customer service person in the lines of an excuse. Air Sahara’s systems down for 2 days and so she can’t email me the ticket!! Wonder, of wonders. What do I do, I ask? She says I can pick it up from their office on St Marks Road. So basically, I go through the whole processing of online booking to AVOID going to a counter. And finally, I have to go to a counter to pick up the ticket!

Day 5: Friday has dawned. No sign of the ticket. Should I give up hope? Will one of the nice people at Sahara finally take pity on me and send me what is rightfully mine? Or are their systems still down? Or they obviously don’t take their jobs very seriously, if you need to call them 4 days in a row to ask (no, beg, literally) to send you the ticket!

Hail, Sahara, I say!


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