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Seafood @ Sana-dige

Since I love sea food, my culinary antennas always go up when someone talks about good fishy fare here in Bangalore. I had a number of favourites in Mumbai, but here it’s a little more difficult to get good fish.

So on a lazy Saturday afternoon, along with Madman, Ree and Menaka, we went off in search of Sana-dige, where I heard one gets good coastal cuisine.

And I’m happy to report that we got what we wanted. Really delicious Malvani, Kerala and coastal India fish preparations. I can’t remember the names of everything everything we ate, but the prawn starters and the prawn gassi was rather delicious. The fish preparation pictured below in mango (a little tangy) was Malvani and rather yummy.

Something fishy

The pomfret was not bad either. We had the dishes along with neer dosas (which could have been softer by general consensus) but otherwise, we were satisfied. Madman also had Kerala parothas to add to that since a few flimsy neer dosas could not whet his appetite. And along with the meal we had kokum, which had a nice tangy taste (not as good as how they make it at Gajalee in Mumbai though!). And the prices are quite reasonable. After all we ate, we paid about 250 per head.

Up there...

The ambience of the place is also pretty laid back and relaxed. Just right for a weekend meal, I’d say! So if you’re in the mood for fish, head out to Sana-dige. More details on where it is located here.



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