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Mom, look what I got home :0)

It’s something I really admire people for being able to do. I have always wanted to do it myself, and probably will one day. But this is a lovely post about the little baby girl that Dilip D’Souza adopted. And while on his blog, I also came across another one that I enjoyed reading. And don’t miss this one too!

(Looking back, I found this old feature I had done on adoption, where I had talked to Amelia Tummalapalli, who runs Indians adopting Indian children.)


  1. Dilip’s an amazing guy. He’s a hero now for me, not only ‘coz he is an exemplary senior from BITS, he’s now gone ahead and set a great example regarding adoption.

    I liked his post “Your Principles, My Food” a lot. Its touching.

  2. Thank you Anita, for the kind things you say. She’s Surabhi, a lovely little kid and we’re thrilled to have her. That includes Sahir, our five-year-old; as I write this she and he are cooing at each other…

    Thank you too, VegasJunkie. You flatter me, but thanks. Get in touch sometime (ddd at rediff dot co dot in) and let’s talk about BITS.

  3. Vegas: Hopefully, an example that people will follow. I think Indians are still very conservative when it comes to adoption and that is pretty sad because I think we need to be more open about it and accept it. We have so many children out there who need homes.

    Hem: Glad you did.

    Dilip: I loved your blog posts! Ironically, I never did quite do much reading of your (and other columns) when I was with rediff 🙂 But I liked the way you put your feelings so appropriately into words. Because though I would like to express the same thoughts, I find it hard to find the appropriate words. So when I read someone who hits the right chords, it’s like -“wow! that is exactly what I wanted to say!” Ditto about the adoption. I have a lot of admiration for people who do it because it is a tough thing to do, especially in a country like India where you are bound to come across very averse and strange reactions to it (like the one you had yourself). I hope I have the same courage when the time comes 🙂

  4. that’s a great thing to do 🙂

    regarding the rest of the posts:

    of course it’s quite noticeable that you have suddenly been travelling around quite a bit.. and there’s a lot of untouched panorama waiting to be checked out, around bangalore anyway :).. me’s jealous.. 😛

    and that painting you did for pallavi is really good! what does one have to do to get something like that 😛 🙂

  5. Twilight: It’s a conscious decision to go out and bond with nature 🙂 Even if its going somewhere for a day. I had put all my travel on the backburner for a while. So I thought it was a good time to catch up. Also, there are many accessible places from Bangalore, about 2-3 hrs away, so it’s quite convenient.

    About the paintings, I do them on request 🙂 At a very small price to cover the cost of the frame mainly, because that is expensive. And so are paints. My next project is dor Deki and then one for a friend in Mumbai who has moved into a new house. I can put you on my list, if you want one 🙂

  6. Anita, you were with I had no idea. (Or did I? forgive my aging memory cells). Actually I look at this blog effort differently from writing for rediff — it’s a place, a chance, for me to try out shorter pieces, experiment a bit, see what happens.

    Thanks again!

  7. Thanks madam for the refernce. That was a very kind gesture. I hope more people come out and adopt. I know my sister is going to adopt soon.

  8. Dilip: Not surprising, actually. I was pretty quiet 🙂 Working with the man himself (Zaki Ansari). I think that’s the advantage of a blog, you can experiment and do stuff you could probably not write/do on a more formal platform. So it’s great that you’re discovering the medium. The journalist community in the West has taken to blogging in a big way, so it is nice to see some of our more well-known names coming online in India. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    Biju: That’s indeed heartening to hear.

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