15 thoughts on “Another blog meet…

  1. hey!

    should i say thnkx for making my eyes wide open.. such a sad state! have been so lost in my IT world , such a shame wasnt aware of this forum of bloggers.

    anita, seem to be an interesting blogger to start with… have some common passions.

    Let me kick start my blogging and shall surely get this bangalore bloggers meet going.. wat says u ?

  2. will try to make it to the delhi meet tomorrow.

    am planning to start a photo log myself. can you recommend which site i should use?

    what news of biju?

  3. Mehak: You could always go to Delhi and catch one there…

    Gaurav: No idea about blog meets there either…

    Sandy, sure thing. Do give it a go.

    Ranjan: Great! You’ve been quite a regular haven’t you? I would suggest flickr.com. I like the interface and it’s easy to organize too. Biju is well. Prospering in Duliajan 🙂 He writes to me once in a while.

  4. Hey u forgot the Mumbai bloggers. Blogspot bloggers don’t meet up but rediff bloggers are quite active. They keep having regular mets 🙂 and their meets arent restricted to rediff bloggers alone 🙂

  5. Hey u forgot the Mumbai bloggers. Blogspot bloggers don’t meet up often but rediff bloggers are quite active. They keep having regular mets 🙂 and their meets arent restricted to rediff bloggers alone 🙂

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