17 thoughts on “A different canvas

  1. That’s a nice capture! 🙂

    Can we have bit bigger image please??


    P.S.: Why haven’t you specified tab index on ‘Preview’ and ‘Post’ buttons? Now whenever I press tab from this ‘Comments’ text box, it goes to Title of your site instead of ‘Preview’ or ‘Post’ buttons.

  2. Thanks Jacob, nice compliment coming from you 🙂

    JD: Will post the bigger image. The scan was pathetic so I will have to get the photo rescanned.

    Thanks Ganesh, Srini, Gaurav, Mehak, Srinath…

    Pallavi: Gorgeous, yes. One of those sights that make you just wonder at the amazing beauty of mother nature 🙂 and i am sure you see so many of them on your rides.

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