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Which flower art thou?

Last Saturday, I ventured into Lalbagh Gardens at about 8.00 am in the morning and got the shock of my life. That place was crowded! The aim was to take morning shots of the flower show. Unfortunately I had problems loading the film into my camera so I was stuck with browsing around. I did get a few pictures, which I will post in a day or two.

However, I also discovered something during this flower trip. I don’t know the names of flowers. Except the common variety like roses and marigolds I was lost. And none of the flowers had signs enlightening the public. There were about a dozen other photographers around the place and many have put their works online. But like me, most seem to be unaware of flower names!

So if you can help, here are a few that I would really like to know the names of. If you are a flower enthusiast or have your own garden, please do share:

1) Pretty pink flower
2) Aster? Zinnia?
3) The simple white flower with the yellow centre. (not the one with the patterned centre in front)
4) This pretty one

Any clues?


  1. Flowers… am afraid won’t be able to help you on this…

    BTW, what’s with these google ads giving me links to dyes, food colors n all????

  2. Andrea: Could be hollyhocks. Looks very similar. I think the second one is a gerbera. The third and fourth one is a little difficult to make out. Thanks a lot for your help!

    LL: Not to worry! No questions, just click 😉

  3. Laloo says

    Hmmmm was searching for Eloor lending library on Google and stumbled across our blogs. Somehow feel have read your name somewhere before … can’t remember though …. dont worry its not the usual technique to strike a conversation 🙂

    Check me out on orkut if you get time “Kapil Lalwani” …


  4. i am wondering why u went for a flim based camera in the first place!!

    Cannon EOS digital rebel / Nikon D70 => the in thing!

  5. 1)is One of the Hibiscus Genre ( They do lots of experiments on Hibiscus) the clue is th the leaves and their texture resembles another plant of Hibisus Family Lady’s finger

    2)Second is Aster/Zinia Family flower

    3) and foruth pass

    If u can’t know the name closest one can get is identifying family to which the plant belong .

    bit in hurry adios

  6. Nice pictures … I find this pink cone shaped flower as an artificial one. I also doubt that there is a small camera attached in its centre part. Might be an arrangement by police to monitor the crowd ! And try my link today (given a valid one :O)

  7. yogi says

    Hi no.3 is a little diffused looks like daisy or if it is small white flowers could be “babys breath”

    No. 4 is Cosmos


  8. Kiran: Nice pics. Only had some problems identifying some of the flowers. Since I had gone to Lalbagh myself during the flower show I was trying to find out if anyone else had any ideas about the names…

  9. I had a hard time too. Most of them were not named. Some I guessed by looking at similar flowers in other areas, some were named in Kannada, some I asked about, and the rest just got a number.

  10. What is “Inkjet Cartridges” talking about?

    I do not understand anything

    Anyway, I loved your pics.

    I Just surfed here

    I love flowers, can make people forget bad things….very nice!

    Marc Floriculturas

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