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Which flower art thou?

Last Saturday, I ventured into Lalbagh Gardens at about 8.00 am in the morning and got the shock of my life. That place was crowded! The aim was to take morning shots of the flower show. Unfortunately I had problems loading the film into my camera so I was stuck with browsing around. I did get a few pictures, which I will post in a day or two.

However, I also discovered something during this flower trip. I don’t know the names of flowers. Except the common variety like roses and marigolds I was lost. And none of the flowers had signs enlightening the public. There were about a dozen other photographers around the place and many have put their works online. But like me, most seem to be unaware of flower names!

So if you can help, here are a few that I would really like to know the names of. If you are a flower enthusiast or have your own garden, please do share:

1) Pretty pink flower
2) Aster? Zinnia?
3) The simple white flower with the yellow centre. (not the one with the patterned centre in front)
4) This pretty one

Any clues?


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