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‘It’s another weekend’ musings…

I’ve been enjoying the weather the last few days. Kit Kit too is finding it much cooler compared to Mumbai and can often be found perching on my lap, or cuddling up under the blanket (which she would never do there!).

I’ve been in a good mood too. Even the reminder from my professor about my overdue assignment has not dampened my spirits. The ‘thinking’ cleared up my mind a bit. Finally managed to take a few decisions I know should have taken a long time ago. Talked to a few old pals and there’s nothing like a nice heart-warming chat to make one feel better.

The last few mornings the drive down to office early morning has been really pleasant. I’ve been advised not to swear so much while driving so I’ve been keeping my patience and not using my horn as much as I usually tend to do! There’s a cool breeze blowing and it drizzles a little sometimes. I usually let the window down just to feel the rain. At times like this I wish I had a system in the car, but I try and make up for it by singing little ditties myself 🙂

The weekend is here again. A time to indulge in some of my favourite things. And on that note, here’s a random list that comes to mind (inspired by Anupma’s post):

  • Walks
  • Sunrise over the mountains
  • Sunsets on the beach
  • Boats in the river or sea
  • Sighting dolphins
  • Sighting rainbows
  • White roses
  • Finishing a painting
  • Waves, water and silence
  • Swaying palms
  • Wine and a good book
  • Good food
  • A fireplace (with a real fire!)
  • Watching Kit Kit play
  • Writing and receiving letters
  • Candles and aromatic potpourri
  • Long drives on highways
  • Rain on my face
  • Little surprises
  • Packages
  • Diyas
  • Books
  • Travel magazines
  • Impromptu trips
  • Trees of different shapes and sizes
  • Winding roads
  • Clear blue skies
  • Clouds
  • Browsing around a bookstore
  • Coffee, chai, pakoras and conversation with friends
  • Movies and popcorn
  • The smell of fresh roasted corn
  • Reading old love letters
  • Misty mornings
  • Old photo albums
  • Phone calls from long distance friends
  • Post-it notes

Have a good weekend, folks!


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