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Mid-week (welcome) break

Aqua and I were sitting at a place called Salon Mousse in Indiranagar getting our beauty treatments done.

In front of us was a huge glass window (and we debated whether it was sound proof since we couldn’t hear the traffic), a beautiful tree in front providing much needed green cover. It’s noon on a Wednesday.

As I stared out with a feeling of contentment, I feel I could get used to this way of living 🙂

These one day holidays in the middle of the week are very different from the long weekends. They are like guilty (and sinful) pleasures. You work for two days and then suddenly, you have a day off. It’s almost like you’ll hear your phone ring any minute with someone shouting and asking you to come back to work immediately. But no such thing happened thankfully.

It was such a gorgeous day that it would have been sinful to stay in. And what better way to celebrate we thought than to get ourselves a little bit of pampering. While Aqua had a near makeover, I got a little bit of cleaning activities performed on my otherwise rather ugly feet.

To celebrate Suvarna Karnataka, we decided to have ourselves a very gorgeous and filling lunch at 6 Ballygunge Place. We had to wait, of course. It seems everyone was eating out and all domestic kitchens in Bangalore wore a deserted look, if you noticed yesterday. The waiting time was ½ hour so we decided to have some coffee downstairs.

Finally, they had a table for us. Six of us women (Aqua and I were joined by 4 other assorted female specimens from different parts of the city) immediately made ourselves comfortable inside the restaurant, at one point making such a ruckus that I thought they would throw us out. But the Bengalis turned out to be really nice people.

The only problem with 6 Ballygunge is that Aqua and I are so much in love with the place (she being from Darjeeling and me from Assam) that we tend to over order and over eat.

But, throwing caution to the winds and calories, we had a really nice meal. Not everyone liked the fish. I realised that it had taken me a while to get used to sea food after eating river fish for years. I guess the reverse also stands true. River fish tends to be sweet tasting, but oh so yummy. But not everyone seems to have liked the taste. Anyway, Deki and I tried everything with great enthusiasm, while the only vegetarian in our group was pretty quiet all through the meal 🙂

We also had the chicken in red curry (which was nice and spicy) and prawns in mustard curry. I of course, rarely ever dislike any food, and this being close to home cuisine, gorged like a pig in frenzy. They had to keep the restaurants open for a while longer as we weren’t done till we polished of our mishti dois.

And apparently, in related news, the Suvarna Karnataka celebrations went off really went at the KSCA stadium with over thousands of people in attendance, reported today’s papers. And we’re well on our way to being renamed as Bengalooru.

I have a bit of a worry. If Bangalore residents were called Bangaloreans, what are they going to be called now?

I shudder to even think about it!


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