6 thoughts on “Why? Kyon? Pourquoi?

  1. these news channels n journos…are totally vela or wat…just need to fill up stuff 24×7…

    ohh GOD …really funny video….hahahahaha…best line in the video –> “SRK does not even take off his shirt while making out”….

    Saw DON last week…enjoyed the movie….Farhan deserves credit for his version of the 1978 DON….

  2. Hey, it’s a cruel p/review. The movie’s a blast: It’s slick. Well-paced. And young Farhan has achieved the incredible – gotten SRK to stop hamming. For that alone, Don’s worth a watch. Can’t honestly be that optimistic about Umrao Jaan and Sholay, though. Cheers.

  3. Dunno why the whole Indian media is out to demonise Farhan Akthar’s Don. This is undoubtedly the best action flick ever from India.

  4. the new Don ?!

    I didnt like it a bit.. in the original, amitabh was so cool, so sauve.. as the original don.. so Badd!
    Ad then as Vijay, he was so full of josh..
    Anyone who praises the new Don hasnt seen the old one i guess.
    The Pan wallah character by SRK simply doesnt touch that by AB..

    On the flip side.. the new Don has, better locales, better cars, better effects and a new twist in the ending which does perk up the film…

    but all in all no match for Don Sr.

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