These days I’m making excuses to spend time in my car because of Radio Indigo, 91.9 FM. Where was it all along, I am asking?

I drive more slowly. This, in Bangalore, a city now known for its maha traffic jams, is not at all difficult. I try and find more places to go to. This too, is not very difficult!

Radio Indigo in my car. Worldspace at home. I’m all set.

And I am wondering where it has been all along? Ah yes, with Worldspace I read somewhere. But now that it’s freed itself from WS, I’m hoping that it doesn’t turn into yet another radio channel and keeps playing the great music it does!

Radio needs to cater to different sections of the audience. And since one can’t possible cater to all kinds of audiences, it’s best that the folks decide who they want to target and just go for that segment. Here, I’ve noticed, they try and please everyone and that is definitely not going to happen.

Just a year ago, we had no choice. But today there are many more channels to choose from. As people spend more and more time in their cars (especially in jam infested Bangalore) radio makes so much sense.

And while there are quite a few radio channels in the regional language with largely Hindi and Kannada content, it’s quite a pleasure for someone like me to tune into a channel slightly more cosmopolitan and where they play English music. And good music to boot!

It rocks. It’s my favourite channel now. I’m not buying that CD player anymore, thus saving myself a cool 12-14K!

I’m zimbly loving it!

8 thoughts on “Radio Indigo Rocks

  1. i agree! and hey i blogged about radio indigo too…after that shopping trip day…the music in the car increased the “leisure” quotient of the day LOL!

  2. You are right! It is a pleasure listening to them. I’ve listened to great stations in Bombay, before moving to Bangalore, that is. However, the ECP (Evil Capitalist Pigs) eventually catch up. And then you’ve got to cater to all and their in-laws. Or shut shop. The radio landscape in Bombay has changed in the 3 years I left. Oh, well, we can all enjoy it till it lasts!

  3. Here too we are going the American way…3-4 FM stations per city. Now, they have gone a step further and there are community-based FM stations…we could land ourselves there soon enough…

  4. Yeah, Radio Indigo is a rocking and refreshing difference. But the problem is the Night Patrol guy is a huge fan of Dire Straits and Rolling Stones. Every day he will play these bands. That makes it boring

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