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It never seems to end…

Another two blasts in Guwahati yesterday. I called mom and dad immediately. My dad told me he was in the same area the day before. It’s a busy shopping centre so there’s likely to be quite a lot of people around. Mom travels to and fro work everyday and a pretty long distance.

It’s a little scary and unnerving as to how easy it is for someone to plant a bomb. The next thing you know is someone’s family is wiped out. Someone loses a father, someone a mother, someone else a sibling perhaps. And to what end? Right now, it’s more like violence for the sake of violence. They seem to be intent to terrorising the common man and wiping out their own people from the face of the state.


  1. There was a time when I used to wonder how safe it would be for someone to be living in the J&K valley area where bombing was something so regular that it finally stopped making much news material.

    But now after the recent bomb blasts around various parts of the country – you wonder how safe is it to just “live” anywhere. Yes, planting bombs has become so easy.

  2. I remember when I went to gauhati in early 99…

    nice city.. hope everyone you know is alright.


  3. mohanesh says

    hedaruvireke hedaruvireke…
    bettada melondu maneya madi huli simha galige hedaruvireke

  4. I know how it must have been. Every time there is blast soemwhere I keep thinking of all my friends in the city and cannot pe at peace until I have made sure they are all safe.
    When will they realise that it is totally unfair to terrorise common people who have nothing to do with their issues.

  5. I don’t know whether news like this makes me sad or fills me up with anger… No cause, No grievance can justify such horrific acts of sheer cowardice against innocent lives…

  6. M O H A N says

    It leaves me seething with anger at this idiots.. who gave them authority to take lives? If i get my hands on them i would like to slowly tear them flesh by flesh, blood vessel by vessel, cell by cell,,,,

    In lighter words, that would make me no different from those cowards…we can just make them do manial jobs for the affected family throughout their life.


  7. hiya. i’ve jsut started reading your blog, got here from madman, and i must say its an amazing blog you’ve got!

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