Warning: Post filled with reference to cats and cat photos πŸ™‚

So let me tell you my story. The owner of this blog decided to leave me with a shipful of cats and a dog while she was away traipsing all over the place. Actually, it was her annual home visit, but I was excluded from the trip. Not that I mind. Airplanes give me a headache and my heart can’t handle the pressure.

So there I was surrounded by cats (or so they claim to be) of different shades and hues. Of course, none of them were as cool as me. I am after all the ultimate cat.

Pretty Polly

And then they expected me to socialize with these so called cats. I refused. Kit Kit does not socialize with common cats. Besides for a long time, I had the impression that I was the only cat in the world. I can make peace with the fact that I’m not, but how can she possibly expect me to socialize with theseÒ€¦ common things?

Popsicles in particular was very insistent. He would come into my room and sit patiently for hours waiting for me to come down from my perch. You see, I had found this nice place right on top of an eight foot shelf. There’s no way anyone could get to me up there.


He tried this trick everyday. I wasn’t about to give up. He refused to give up trying to get my attention. He’ll just have to try harder. But he’s a persistent cat, I have to give him that.

Then there were these little kittens Biff and Logie running all over the place and tripping over stairs and imaginary obstacles. That is way uncool. Grow up already.

Biff and Logie


There were also these 2 who had been rescued by my host from her school. They looked alike and they’re probably the same family.

Two together
Biff and Rukmini

Anita fawned over the persian – Lady. I didn’t quite like that at all.


In fact, she fawned a little too much over most of them. I didn’t like that either. What was so special about them anyways? What did they have that I didn’t?

Polly, I must admit was quite pretty. She had the loveliest eyes. I could possibly extend a paw of friendship the next time I go there.

Pretty Polly

Then there was Calliope and Razor who loved cuddling up and sitting on everyone’s laps. I hate it when they do that.

I like that!


Frankly, there were just too many of them for my liking. I sulked seriously for 2 days after I came home and I’m hoping Anita gets the message : that I’m a special cat. My hosts were rather nice though. They did come and try and make friends with me a few times. But I was not about to lose my reputation of being a snooty cat.

And I am not even going to comment on the dog.

Anyway, I am happy to report that I am back at home now. Away from the curious eyes of Popsicles. Though, I must a little grudgingly admit that I’m beginning to miss all the attention he gave me.

I think I’ll just take a cat nap.

Her Sleepiness
Me – the cool cat

11 thoughts on “While she was away…

  1. Lovely cat pictures. They all look lovely – almost as pretty as you ma’m. Not that I have seen you up close except in Anita’s photos. And you, ice princess, could do a bit to shed that attitude of yours and condescend to extend a paw of friendship to frequent human visitors to your house – in particular me. OK?
    You could definitely learn some of that ciddling from calliope and Razor. HMPF! Or next time I am bringing Munni along. She will fish you out of that hiding place under the bed! Bwahahahah

  2. Kit-kit, you are so cute, I say! But I’ve got to say, Lady is so adorable *looking around and shrugging shoulders* but she does have a proud look.

  3. @ Usha: hehe πŸ™‚ i keep myself elusive to build the mystery. and don’t even think about getting munni along. i have my claws sharpened extra if she comes by πŸ™‚

    @ Shrinidhi: meow, meow πŸ™‚

    @ Kishore: i am the best and the pwittiest!

    @ mridula: *thank you* taking a cat bow πŸ™‚ you are a sweet human too! lady is even snootier than me. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi KitKit,

    I am glad you are back home. But, had it not been for this temporary home, Anita would have been very worried. Perhaps next time you will enjoy your stay here and not sit on the top-hard-to-reach shelf. I know the first time can be difficult.

  5. That’s so sweet, clever (your play of words), and very enjoyable! I really like the way you illustrated it aptly!

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