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Two years and counting!

On April 8, Saturday, I completed two years in Bangalore. It’s a milestone for me. The two years flew by and I was going through my blog archives for every month since I’ve been here to relive what I’ve gone through and things I’ve done. See, there are some advantages of archiving your life, month by month!

When I moved to Bangalore, I had several people who questioned my move from India’s happening city, Mumbai. I wouldn’t get a suitable job someone told me. I wouldn’t survive Bangalore’s lazy pace and ‘taking it slow’ attitude.

I must admit though that it’s suited me just fine. Besides meeting some wonderful people, the two years provided me with the time when I could just breathe and do all the things I had on my ‘to-do’ list for many years in Mumbai : like learn a new language, learn photography and most of all : travel!

Looking back, I’m mighty glad I did what I did.

I celebrated completing two years at the Fireflies Ashram where they put up a night long music festival. I had gone last year too. This time, the round-up was even more interesting. The acts that got the audience clapping and singing along was the Baol music group, Oikitran and the quawali music ensemble, which sang quite a few popular numbers. It was around 4.30 am in the morning when we left.

So there. Two years and counting. I have heaps of things lined up for the year including a Himalayan trek next month that I am really looking forward to.

Meanwhile, I will be missing in action till this Saturday because of tons of work. After which I shall resurface as usual. With loads of pictures as I’ve been shooting around the city, including the flower and vegetable market at Malleswaram, and the Bull Temple at Basavangudi.

So like all good things, I shall be back 🙂


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