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Week (W)rap!

I was determined to catch something of the Habba this time (since I’ve been doing so continuously for the last two, in 2003 when I was visiting and in 2004 as a resident). Unfortunately, with most of the events during the day, it wasn’t too convenient to attend the musical concerts or the plays, which would start at 6.30 pm. Is it possible to get from anywhere to anywhere by 6.30 on a weekday here in the city? Anyway.

Let me move on to this demonic show I witnessed over the weekend…

On Saturday evening, the Crusty Demons jumped, vroomed, somersaulted, made weird movements, did one hand stands, no hand stands, played truant : and all in mid-air! They turned out to be demons alright, scaring the crust out of us poor souls. Basically, they did everything short of cooking dinner up there. Bangalore’s weather played truant with a steady drizzle starting at about 6 pm.

After some testing of the track and the mounds they had created for their stunts, the demons decided to go ahead with their show. And quite a show it was! My jaw dropped to the muddy floor on several occasions, and I managed to pick it up just before it got trampled by my excited whistling and shouting neighbours.

Just one thing that I thought was a little strange, for 500 bucks, the least they (organizers: DNA Networks) could have done was to organize some kind of elevated standing arrangement around the area so as to enable folks to get a better of the area and the riders when they were racing up to the ramps and around it. And of course, I was really annoyed that my batteries were confiscated at the gate (I know they were doing their job!) but more so because there were about 15 digital cameras around me all going click click… Unfortunately, my bazooka looked too professional to pass the test. And after the show, it was about ½ hour to track down the DNA folks to get my batteries back.

…Thankfully, no such problems encountered at the Bangalore Habba grounds, where we headed next. We just missed Aman and Ayash Ali Bangash perform. But we were on time for Indian Ocean, who were really good. Followed by Strings who were getting the crowd on their feet, when moral police stepped in and said, it was time to go home. So this group comes all the way to perform and just manages 2 songs and then it’s time to go home. Looks like moral police are determined to make life as miserable as possible for everyone. I won’t be surprised if as a next measure MP put ‘swipe in, swipe out machines at every home to make sure we’re back before the clock strikes twelve.

Towards the end of last week, along with some nice company, watched Amit Heri and his group perform at Zero G. I haven’t been to this place much, but it is quite pleasant and chilled out. Since it’s on the terrace, it’s relatively cool up there. Definitely worth a visit, once in a while, though the cocktails are a little on the higher side (the height adding to the price, I guess). Anyway, pretty enjoyable music they churned out, including some folk numbers with jazz beats and a Turkish tune which had everyone applauding. A lady called Mathangi lent her voice to the proceedings. They started with a rather interesting rendition of “Maha Ganapati…” that I loved.

Btw, a note to my readers, if you do happen to notice (and recognize) me in any nook or corner of Bangalore, please do come and say hello! It’s quite a nice feeling when strangers come up to me and ask me if I am who I am. And I am known to be relatively friendly 🙂 For example, I got a mail today from Kiran, who thought he saw me at Infinitea earlier the same evening and sent me a mail later about it. Btw, if you haven’t been to Infinitea, it’s quite a cool place on Cunningham Road and serves relatively good momos. And also nice chai. Though Suman, who was there for the first time, was not at all impressed by the spearmint tea we ordered. If you don’t like experimenting, stick to normal tea.

A few months ago, I had Arun walk up to me in the gym and say hello. I never bumped into him again, but that’s because I’ve abandoned the gym for a while 🙂

And not to fall back on the food front, went and ate Bengali food yet again last week. Couldn’t resist it. I do realise the full extent of my gluttony, especially since it was just a few days earlier that I had gone there. But never the less, there was nothing to stop me once I got the urge for fish. This time, for some variation, we ordered Anglo Indian style chicken (which reminded me very much of chicken cooked back home!), baked potatoes, and fish, fish and more fish. Thankfully, my dinner companions were equally willing and hungry!

And lastly, a reminder before I go and get lost in work – the Indibloggies 2005 – is now on. I’ve volunteered to give a prize but have yet to figure out what I should give. So folks do go check it out. Vote. Do whatever is needed. Just do it!


  1. man…STRINGS was in town…….also came to know that Euphoria too had a show a week ago or so…..btw have u been to Mishti is Kormangala 5th block??

  2. Hey! I’ve been reading your blog since early 2003 and it was only today that I discovered your art section. Shame on me.

    Here I was, a fan of your photography only to realize you have done some awesome job with colors and pencils as well. Love the basket of flowers and the beer mug is super well drawn.

  3. Manoj says

    I have been reading your blog for some time now, even before you shifted to Bangalore. Accidently realized that we work in the same company while looking up at the address book. Later I have also seen you a few times at the Fud Courts:) Will def drop in a Hi next time I see you.

  4. Were you there on the Indian Ocean/ Strings day? I heard that because of the 11:30 rule, the organizers did not allow iO to play “Kandisa”…. because they were getting late!!!

  5. mehak: hey, yes they were. and btw, strings and indian ocean are jamming on jan 7th, so keep a watch! i’ve seen mishti and the stuff is great, though, i am personally not too inclined towards sweets. i like the mishti doi once in a while 🙂

    suman: sorry uncle 😉 next time i shall try and keep your poor tastebuds in mind!

    kapil: the nice thing about blogs is the blog roll 🙂 please do use it whenever you’re feeling bored!

    thanks anupma! i hide it well ;0) i love sketching and painting and don’t do enough of it though 🙂 in fact, i have a whole list of paintings to do for friends and god only knows when i will get around to it!

    hi manoj! i try and hide it but i guess some people still manage to find out 🙂 but please do come and say hello 🙂 have met a whole bunch of people in office too through my blog!

    pinstripe: that’s true. they couldn’t perform because of the 11.30 rule. it’s rather stupid considering it’s a cultural festival and people are hardly going to drink and indulge in immoral activities. but the moral police aren’t exactly known for their logic, are they? they’re supposed to be back again in jan, and hopefully they will start really early in the day so we don’t have this problem 🙂

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