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Life in the fast lane

Nidhi reminded me today that I haven’t been updating. So I thought I’d do a quick detour via the cybercafe on the way home. The phone connection will take longer, so I guess I will have to contend with making Sify Iway a little richer till then.

Life’s been a whirlwind.

We finally moved out of our small place into a more spacious flat. The other one was getting seriously crowded. It was difficult to get from one room to the other without stepping on somebody’s toes (including the cat).

With my sister as house-guest, we were facing a serious space crunch.

The shifting happened over Diwali.

After shifting, we’ve spent indecent amounts of time in the kitchen. Cooking. And then eating it all up! But since sister is a chef and I enjoy a bit of leisurely stints in the kitchen, we’ve been pretty busy trying our own samples. She made a mouth-watering pomfret curry with a coconut base the other day and I am still salivating (if anyone wants recipe let me know!). Last night it was steamed rice with yummy chinese style chicken wings. If she wasn’t leaving soon, I told her she could stay with me and be my cook.

The only thing I need to sort out is the telephone line so that I can connect to the Net. Cable internet is non-existent in the area. So I have no other option but to go in for a dial-up. I shudder to think about the amount I will rack up.

Meanwhile, concerned people have been politely asking me what I’ve been upto, since being without a job seems to be an unimaginable concept to many. I can’t quite understand why. Everyone is entitled to a break once in a while. And it’s hardly been a month since I quit my day job. But frankly, I’ve never been happier. Mainly because I have been really really looking for a break from the routine of work.

And I have a thousand other things planned. Like continuing my art classes. Taking photography lessons. Learning a language. Learning an instrument. Traveling to a few new places. This is my year of learning, discovering, reading and doing new things. I intend to do some of the things I never got around to doing while I had a full-time job.

It’s definitely worth re-charging your batteries once in a while and getting away from the routine that work sets upon you. It’s recommended from me. Especially, if you want to do it and have a willing partner to support you for a while. I’m planning to extend my break for a few months. It feels too good!


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