The second edition of Girls on the Run (we had the first one last year) organised by Runner Girls India was held on March 28, 2010.

The GOTR is a series of running events and the aim is to increase their frequency. This time around we had Decathlon, Kalenji Club, Forum Value Mall and OnMobile as our partners.

The run turned out to be quite a big affair that saw nearly 150 girls participating in the 5 and 10k event. Just going to show that running is on the rise and women are taking to the sport in droves. A really encouraging sign of the times I must say.

If you want to be informed of RGI events, do bookmark the webpage – There is also an RGI group page on Facebook that you can join. If you want to join in the next event, do stay tuned! We will have more of such runs in the future…

Catch more photographs here!

2 thoughts on “Girls on the Run: Second edition

  1. hey is the one in middle you? hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look rather thin there.. i am sure the credit goes to all the cycling and running you are enjoying.
    the event looks so inviting..i wish i was in blr.

  2. @ tara: hey, that’s me. and ahem – nah! it’s a trick of the camera 🙂 the running and cycling has done great wonders for my overall stamina and health – but not much to my weight :-p

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