Tony, a friend, lost his pet dog – a toy poodle called Junior – at Nagarbhavi Layout in Bangalore on 27th December, 2005. He’s been looking for him ever since without much luck.


You can find the details here on this page:

The poodle is not a very common dog in Bangalore so it will be pretty easy to spot. If you have friends in that area, please do pass the word around and help Tony find Junior. It’s a really traumatic experience to lose a pet and any help is welcome.

12 thoughts on “Lost, please help…

  1. oh! that is just *so* unfortunate! I know exactly how it feels.. my dog ran away a couple of years back and the whole family just broke down. Thankfully he returned or somehow found his way back after 3 days. Tell your friend to not lose hope!

  2. hi…if i find the dog i’ll keep it…’tis just sooo cute! 🙂

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