Reading List 2006

I’m collecting reading material for 2006 and I think I have enough for about half the year. Any suggestions to add to the list are also welcome…

A Suitable Boy: Long pending and I usually avoid such voluminous tomes since I can’t possibly carry it on my bus ride to and fro work, but it’s been highly recommended, so I’m going to make a brave attempt to read it sometime soon. Status: Bought and To Read.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: I’ve been meaning to read this for a while. A few weeks ago, when browsing around Blossoms, found this complete tome. Status: Bought and To Read.

Almost French: This is the story of an Australian journalist who settles down to the French way of life after meeting a Frenchman! It’s quite an interesting insight into the history, cultural traditions and way of life in France from the eyes of an outsider. Status: Bought and Read.

Ancient Promises: I’ve read one of Jaishree Misra’s books and was quite impressed so I picked up this one. I’m trying to read more Indian authors these days though some of them have left me pretty cold. Status: Bought and To Read.

A Short History of Nearly Everything: A book that I am finding difficult to read at one shot. I have made several attempts without success. I think I am somewhere 1/5th of it and struggling. I keep going back to light reading after finishing a chapter! Status: Borrowed and In Progress.

Long Way Round: An account of a motorcycle trip around the world, which I only bought because it’s written by one of my favourite actors, Ewan McGregor. I am halfway through and should finish it soon! Status: Bought and In Progress.

The Brahmaputra: A book I definitely should read since it’s about the river that flows through my home state of Assam. Status: Gift and To Read.

Pecked to Death by Ducks: Continuing my travelogue reads, this one has been on my list for a while. Status: Gift and To Read.

The Kite Runner: Supposedly a really good book and highly recommended too. Status: Bought and To Read.

The Mistress of Spices: I figured I should finish this before the movie releases. Status: Bought and To Read.

A Guide to Adoption in India: A topic that has held my interest for a long time. It’s a must read for anyone who is interested in knowing more about adoption, especially in the Indian context. I haven’t come across to many books on the topic in this country. Status: Bought and To Read.

Neem Dreams: I’ve had this book for more than a year now but somehow haven’t been motivated enough to read it. 2006 I have decided is the year that I will finally do it! Status: Gift and To Read.

Dave Barry is Not Making This Up! A hilarious compilations of some his earlier columns. I literally had tears running down my cheeks while reading some of his stories. If you’re looking for some serious DB, this one is a must! Status: Bought and Read.

What does your list look like?

25 thoughts on “Reading List 2006

  1. Mine looks like this 😉 But mine isn’t completed yet. It will grow on as the year progresses. Loks like we’ve got only one book in common 😀

  2. Starting out, I’m re-reading. Currently on Book 3 of Stephen King’s 7 book Dark Tower series. After that, Steppenwolf and Blood Meridian.

    Not sure what to read after that, but the ones I definitely want to read soon include The Story of B, and Lions of Al-Rassan.

  3. Your reading list has three of my all time favorites: Mistress of Spices, Neither Here Nor There, and H2G2.

    And The Kite Runner and A Suitable Boy are on my reading list as well. 🙂

  4. My list:
    Kite Runner
    Short History of Nearly Everything

    Living to Tell the Tale : Marquez
    Maximum City : Suketu Mehta

    Honorable Schoolboy : John Le Carre

    Most of the books i read are ‘must reads’ from some friends. Except for a few books have not been able to put them down! You should finish Kite Runner and Short History of Nearly Everything! I’ve also heard that Walk in the Clouds by Bryson is amazing!

    p.s. love your blog!

  5. I love light and funny and informative ones.So if it is up your lane..try..”Why do Men have Nipples ?”(extremely informative to questions that you dare not ask anyone but nevertheless have to know the answers) and “On Bullshit”(contrary to title,it is a serious thesis on the culture of bullshit,how it varies from lying etc.Very interesting read).

  6. Hi Anita,

    I took up reading recently after a long gap and
    have thouroughly enjoyed reading Indian authors. I feel I can relate to the stories at a personal level.

    1. R. K. Narayan: “Swami and Friends” is beautiful. So is Malgudi Days. Financial Expert is ok.
    2. Jhumpa Lahiri: I found Interpretor of Maladies better than Namesake.
    3. Upamanyu Chatterjee: English August. Hilarious, obscene, shocking.
    4. Vikram Seth: A Suitable Boy – reading currently. Vivid descriptions. Of course, with 1400 pages one can be as vivid as one wants 😀 Seth is a great poet. I must read Golden Gate.

    P.S. Your blog is wonderful, as always.

  7. Amazing! I have 5 of those on my side table! Just opened ‘a suitable boy’ last night. Simultaneously, am reading an old bestseller RICH DAD, POOR DAD. Definitely Recommend it. Try ‘Smell’ by Radhika Jha, if you’re evn vaguely interested in food. 🙂 Cheers

  8. read “Annapurana” By Arlene Blum
    This is the extraordinary real liufe account of a woman who organises a team of 12 women raise $85,000/- and climbs the mount Annapurana.
    Very intresting from the point of view of adventure & leadership issues

  9. jax: one book out of 13 ain’t that bad either 🙂

    Sthitaprajna: interestingly, i’ve never read a stephen king book and don’t even think i want to venture towards one! horror as a genre has scared me away 🙂

    chandita: i have river dog too! will have to get started on it sometime soon hopefully!

    anupma: good to see that we have a few books in common 🙂

    sayaa: all really long books so you should get started 🙂

    shawshank: wouldn’t mind reading the world is flat. but after i get through bill bryon!

    anand: thanks! you seem to have finished many of the books on my list 🙂 if i can finish this one (short history) i’ll try walk in the clouds!

    ramchi: not sure about that! but it does sound interesting!

    thanks shweta

    flypig: i shall endeavour once i get through this tome!

    poornima: have read that one!

    sathish: sounds intriguing!

    suyash: i’ve also been trying to read indian authors though sometimes i find them really abstract. but i think lately, there has been quite a blossoming of indian authors! i liked interpreter of maladies. haven’t read english august, though i’ve been meaning too. golden gate is brilliant, please don’t miss it!

    binny: the play was performed here in india a few months ago. don’t know if the book is available though.

    jk: caught 2 episodes. they rocked. my estimation of ewan mcgregor went up by 10 notches!

    niloufer: wow! have read rich dad, poor dad. quite an eye opener. will try smell.

    philip: thanks! will try and get hold of it…

  10. Nice book collections. But unfortunatly no Short story book in the list, anyway, I just have made effort to creat a Center of Short stories. I have tried to submit not only short stories for the adult, but also children short stories as well. I really will welcome your comments, just have a look. Thanks and Keep reading.

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