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Wide Angle 2007: A photography exhibition

Nish, Shankar, Venky and I are having an exhibition of our works on September 7,8 and 9 at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad.

This is a personal invite to all of you in Bangalore. I do hope that you will be able to join us at some point of time during the 3 days. We would be really happy if you can make it and support our cause. Besides showcasing our work, we would also like to raise funds for our benificiary – Jagruthi – a Bangalore based voluntary organisation working with children affected with AIDs. Pixetra has also extended their support to us.

The inauguration is on Sept 7 at 5 pm at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad premises. Besides the exhibition, we also have well-known photographers Anand Sharan and Dr Manoj Sindagi who will come and interact with the audience on the Sept 8 and 9 (the times are mentioned).

This is a personal invite to all of you in Bangalore. We would love to see you there along with your friends and family!

More details are available on Wide Angle 2007.


Have been busy running around trying to organise a photography exhibition along with 3 friends. It’s been a while since I’ve been pursuing this hobby and I thought this is the right time to hold one.

The worst part though was losing a lot of my photo original files in a hard disk crash a month ago. It was like a physical loss and I’m trying to come to terms with it. Thankfully, a friend had some of my files as back-up and I hadn’t transferred everything to the hard disk so I was saved partly. I’ve managed to rummage through my collection and come up with a few photographs.

Anyway, the good news is that the exhibition is finally happening on the 7,8 and 9 of September here in Bangalore.

LtoR: The Four Musketeers: Venky, me, Shankar and Nish

Please, please do come! All details will be put up shortly. Meanwhile, I have to get back to some work…

35 thoughts on “Coming soon: Wide Angle 2007

  1. @ Prashanth: Please do try and be there! And don’t forget to back up – better late than never 🙂

    @ nbhat: this was a physical damage, the head got damaged so files couldn’t be recovered. I did get a quote of 20K from one company for recovery, but it was way too much for me!

    @ maneesh: it’s not a theme based exhibition. all of us are showcasing our best work. and raising money for charity. do try and make it!

    @ Joseph: thanks a lot!

  2. Gr8 Anitha !! If u had done it in July end or Aug fisrt week I would have tried to make it – but now I have to hear it from rest of the crowd – As usual NICE WORDS and Applause from every corner. I’m already hearing – Anita good photo, Venky wat a snap….Wish ur team hear them aloud on Sep 7,8,9 from BLReans !! ROCK them – ALL THE BEST !!

  3. @ chris: please do 🙂 thanks a ton. wish you were here too!

    @ Jace: thanks! it’s at the CKP.

    @ Vinod: thanks 🙂

    @ shub: thank you!

    @ Aqua: it was one of those impromptu ones 🙂 invite is on its way… nearly ready!

  4. Hi Anita
    All the very best. Timing is wrong for me – am travelling from Sept 6, back late evening on Sept 9. Hope you put up one of Kit-Kat as well.

    I am sure there will be other exhibits where your stuff will be displayed.


  5. Anita (and Venky, Shankar, and Nish)

    Congratulations for the exhibition!.

    Wish I was in Bangalore to attend, but my next visit is not planned until mid october…:-(

    Anyway, good luck with the exhibition, and take a couple of photos so we can see how it looks like

    (I’m writing this from the office, but as soon as I get back home I’ll make sure that I have all my files backed-up….)

  6. @ Lubna: aww… would have loved to meet you. yes, i do have one of kit kit’s!

    @ nandish: thanks!

    @ Arun: thanks and do drop in!

    @ bicidriver: greetings from india!

    @ Albert: hey, wish you were here too! and don’t forget to back-up!

    @ Sunrayz: thanks so much. and good to see you around 🙂 hope you’re well!

  7. Anita, all the best for the exhibition.

    Also sent you an email, can you please check that and appreciate if you can reply asap…

  8. @ Charu: thanks so much!

    @ Mehak: oh… thank you 🙂 and don’t forget to come and say hello!

    @ Srikanth: please do!

    @ Manasa: hope to see you there!

    @ santm: thanks for the wishes!

  9. @ Senthil: hey, that was sometime ago, but good fun! still remember it 🙂 thanks and hope you can make it!

    @ Andy: thanks!

    Anirban: thanks! please do!

    ankit shukla: thank you!

  10. All the best Anita. I am so happy to know that you are trying to help poor children. May god bless you!!!
    I am also interested in travelling and planning to visit places in Karnataka/AP. So please let me know or send me few links so that i can find some places for week end trips.

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