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Goa in the rains!

Most people would probably stay away from Goa during the monsoons. But somehow, I like this season. Maybe, because one of my fondest memories was going with a few friends to Goa in August of 1998.

We found a magical beach way back then – no people, no crowds – just us and the rains! Of course, things have changed since then. The beach got discovered and became like any other Goa beach filled with shacks and stalls all along the main road.

happy trails

During the rains, however, the shacks close down and the vendors move elsewhere in search of business.

And so, I return to the same beach, in search of some peach and quiet.

All along the stretch of the crescent shaped beach are just a few others who have braved the rains, and a few dogs. And so we take long walks (mostly in search of meals). Read, sleep, gaze into the sea and listen to the sound of the roaring surf. There’s little else to do and little I want to do.

the crooked tree

It rains a little now and then and I happily whip out the raincoat. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to wear one.

A shop keeper charges us 150 for port wine on the first day and 100 the next day. But that’s the way it seems to work around here, so we don’t complain much.

looking out

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, head for Goa. It’s a magical time before the crowded tourist season begins next month.

The Flickr Album: Goa in the Rains


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