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‘Louee’ is in the air!

A reader, Smitha, in my last post reminds me that I’m not posting frequently and I think I owe my visitors loads of apologies for that! It’s been an incredibly exciting and busy January / February with some interesting projects on the horizon so it’s been taking up a lot of my time and focus. But as she points out, I need to get back to more frequent blogging, and I’m definitely going to try now.

In the bad news, they’ve taken away access to pretty much everything useful including email and flickr during work hours. I guess we need to prepare ourselves for no Internet soon and the paranoia (especially in a large company) is understandable. Since mail a service that is taken for granted these days, you realise it’s absence only when it’s taken away. As a company, it’s justified to do it because of all the problems – bandwidth issues, people spending too much time, security etc. And it’s a service they provide us for free, so I guess they have an equal right to take it away too. But it’s just so very inconvenient and annoying when you need actually wait till you get home after the whole day just to go and check your mail.

Anyway, I guess we just learn to live without now and the only option is to get home and catch up on mail.

On another note, as Valentine’s Day is approaching but here’s something I put together for And besides, it’s always a good excuse to take another trip in case you’re looking for one!

Top spots for romance



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