Sunday afternoon.

They call it a brunch but things start cooking up only after 1 pm. The place gets mighty crowded and a large population of Bangalore’s expat crowd converges here so be prepared to feel like you’re in another country or something.

Other than that, I couldn’t find much wrong with the Leela brunch @ the Citrus last Sunday. Firstly, I had to think twice before squandering 1000 odd bucks on a lunch, but I rationalized saying that I would probably do it just once in a blue moon. And this was the blue moon, I decided. A friend actually owes me a treat at the Leela since donkey’s years (and I think one should honour a treat is what I think, but not everyone thinks alike :). But that was not forthcoming I realised after waiting for a year (I’m mighty patient that way!), so I decided that this was it. Now or never… Secondly, I needed all the good food and wine I could lay my hands on. It does great things to my spirit.

So there we were, a motley group of four and one small kid who kept running off now and then, waiting impatiently to start off on our gigantic meal. They start pouring the sparkling wine almost as you take your seat. We began with the appetizers section and I must say that I have yet to see a larger variety of meat in front of me (except probably at a meat market, where it doesn’t look half as good). Every time, I think of giving up pleasures of the flesh, this is what happens : temptation! We tried everything : squid, lamb, chicken, egg and even sushi (which I didn’t quite like). After that, we went back again for a second helping.

By the end of the second round, there was no place for the main course. So we decided that we’d try out the delicious varieties of cheese and bread they have on offer. Cheese is something I can live without, but I must admit that whatever I tried was delicious.

I was into my fifth glass of sparkling wine, when I realised that I was beginning to feel a little wooly headed. The desserts section looked extremely appetizing and the greedy Ms Aquadreamer took everything on her plate (till her plate actually looked like the dessert section itself) and ate mighty little of it when she suddenly realised she was on a diet. Talk about wrong timing 🙂

Anyway, not having any such worries myself, I ate and ate and ate till I felt pretty much like the stuffed potato, coated with a layer of creamy mayonnaise : glazed and calorie-filled! There’s only so much a figure conscious woman of today can eat (well you’d think so), but since I don’t fall in that category, I surpassed all limits.

Finally, about 2 hours later, I emerged from the Leela into the Bangalore sunshine, lighter (in the wallet), heavier (by about 5 kilos) and fuzzy headed. But as they say, one has to return to earth after a while. The long drive back home cured me of my wine-induced hangover. Aren’t I glad that a blue moon doesn’t happen too often?!

10 thoughts on “An expansive (and expensive) but satisfying brunch

  1. Hey Anita,

    It’s a really great brunch but you need to starve the previous day to do justice to it and book ten days in advance! The problem is that they don’t rotate the menu often and if you are a regular, it gets boring. Very fast. Their breakfast buffet is a gentler, kinder version of this gulttony!

    Psst. If you like seafood, they have a seafood buffet on Wed. at Citrus and Thus. at Zen, though I may have the days wrong. Now that is excellent (unlimited lobster and tiger prawns!) and reasonable (@ Rs. 1500 or so…).

  2. Hmmm. Its not that costly. You all people should thank god that atleast you can TASTE wine with food in a 5 star hotel only in Rs. 1000/-.

    If you find it costly, come here in Gujarat. You will have to pay Rs.1000/- or more for just wine and that too not in five star hotel! I haven’t tasted wine yet.

  3. hmmm…some pictures would be nice….anyways, i remember sunnys’ used to cost more than that…i remember spilling Rs.2200/- one one occasion 3 years ago…for just 2 people…

  4. Aah! the leela lunch.
    I have been lucky enough to go there a few times, and that too on corporate tab 😉 It helps to have the office right across the street!

  5. Wow, even your description makes me drool – will try it once soon. seems like money and a sunday afternoon well spent.
    Remember that treat you owe me?

  6. BB: I think I can do it a few more times without getting bored. Though I’d like to try out the Olive buffet next.

    Ravi: You must try it sometime! Maybe when you get out of Gujarat!

    Umesh: Yes, but both my hands were full so no pics 🙂

    Thanks Shubh!

    Surya: Do hope you found something!

    Mobius: Corporate tab. Ah, no such luck for moi!

    Usha: We MUST do it sometime together. I think you will love it! We must do the one at Olive Beach where they serve lovely cocktails and wine! Aquadreamer will be only too happy to join us. And then we can hic hic all the way out!!

  7. hmmm..
    now i miss bangalore 🙂

    brunch gets even better when sun streaks thru windows and sparkles on your wine glasses and cheese slowly melts in mouth..

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