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A Palacio by the River

Palacio de Deao

Goa is one place which springs a surprise every time I visit.

Though I really like the water, after my December 2008 cycling tour where I saw a lot of the Goan countryside (which I really liked), I usually make it a point to go inland in search of interesting sights and sounds. The beaches are where the crowds land up. The interiors of Goa on the other hand is really verdant and beautiful and has much more to offer in terms of history and heritage.

Dining area

We came upon this piece of treasure when we were holidaying in South Goa. The hosts of the guest house we were staying in recommended a visit to this Portuguese mansion located in Quepem, a town near Margao.

We followed instructions and landed in Quepem town, after which it wasn’t too difficult to find this landmark – the Palácio do Deão.

Beautifully restored and sitting pretty amidst lush greenery, this is one place that comes much recommended if ever you’re in that part of Goa. You need to call ahead and also make sure you inform them that you want to have a meal there as they only take prior bookings. The owners will give you a detailed tour of the interiors and exteriors so keep enough time to browse around at leisure. They do not have accommodation though – it’s only open for a tour and a meal.

The property is reviewed on the Best Homestays website, so read it here!

Palacio by the River


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