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Weekend with travel bloggers

On top of the world!
The gang posing atop Brahmagiri hill

Spent last weekend in cool Coorg with a bunch of travel and blog enthusiasts – some who I was already familiar with and a bunch of new faces.

It was great to meet the folks whose blogs I had been following for a while now – Arun and Mridula amongst others. The group was an eclectic one from the quiet to the very talkative, to the serious to the fun loving, but somewhere we found a fine and fun balance!

The travel report and pictures will follow later.


  1. Anita, it was a fun trip indeed. How was your journey back? Did they really sing in the cab as they threatened?

  2. yes, it sure was πŸ™‚ it was good fun as amogh and dev chatted till about 130 am so we didn’t feel any of the potholes on the road. after that, dev fell asleep happily after threatening amogh not to fall asleep as he was next to the driver! so i don’t think amogh got any sleep at all. we got to bangalore around 5 am in the morning finally. btw, the kushalnagar snaps look amazing!

  3. Hmmm as ever, I envy and appreciate u for travelling so much of places in 2007 as u wished !! Luv to see the snaps and future trips as well – Enjoy maadi !!

  4. I was supposed to be there but cldnt make it due to prolonged cold & fever few days back…
    Kribs called me on the morning also but I was still unfit to get into the travel.. That too coorg is a cold place…
    Looks like you guys had major fun out there…

  5. Oh, how I wish I was there! looks like everyone is having a good time .The picture is colourful and clear .

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