All my experience at some time or another.

– Man leaning out of the window and peering close to the front rear mirror, adjusting it, taking comb out of pocket and vigourously brushing it. The catch was he had just a few strands of it.

– Man & woman in the car. Woman trying to distract man by pulling his hair. This goes on for a while. Then man in frustration pulls off her dupatta. Both of them laugh like crazy. Ahem. Are there no decency laws around this place? 🙂

– Plucking nose hair. Yucck!!

– Plucking nose muck. Even yucckier. But it’s something about traffic signals that make people reach for their nose, methinks.

– Woman haggling with vendor. This goes on for a while. Then she loses interest and the poor vendor is left stranded, hopes high but no sale. She was probably in a mood for bargaining. Women do strange things sometimes.

– Man takes out pen from pocket and scratches back vigourously. Then not having much luck reaching strategic locations, hands it over to co-passenger, who then takes the pen and goes about the task with much sincerity. Where the hell is my camera?!

– And this is something I did. This was at the airport road signal before the flyover (god, that sounds good) with a friend in the car. A nice song started playing and after a bit, not being able to resist it, I let go of steering wheel (foot firmly on brake!) and did a little dance right there in the driver’s seat. Just after I finished my impromptu performance, we noticed 2 guys on a motorbike peering into the car from the front glass, looking *really* amused. We all broke out laughing and thankfully just as embarassment settled in the signal turned green!

Any funny moments you remember?

10 thoughts on “Funny sights at traffic signals

  1. For the three minutes of stop or “Entertainment gratis”, the world around you is a stage of many, all going about the daily things in their own idiosyncratic ways its only then we stop and observe, nose picking is the commonest; people frantically messaging, gawking at d lovely couple in the two wheeler parked just two steps behind. Not the funny moments just things I randomly remember.

  2. 1. Early morning ride to work – stop at Manipal signal and see a woman in the next car busy finishing her vanity affairs – lipstick, moisturizer – the works!
    2. A guy on the bike wearing a jacket that had “McDonalds – best fashion clothing” written on the back! Since when McD’s diversify into fashion clothing?
    3. I do the little jig at the driving wheel listening to music, very often.
    4. Oh! how could I miss this one. Saw this guy on a bike whose hairdo had a natural puff bigger than any caps hood
    And many more that amuse me everyday … that I have forgotten

  3. hehehehehe.
    One thing that happens often to me is when I am curiously staring at people scratching head or airing their hair ( by removing the helmet and running their fingers through )they actually sense me staring and make eye contact. That throws me off balance and I dont know where to look. i bet they must find it very funny!

  4. vjkrishna: the only time i watch football is during the world cup 🙂

    shadab: there’s always enough to keep one occupied i guess.

    mobius: well, signals are always the best time to do a beauty makeover methinks. women don’t believe in wasting in any time for sure 🙂 i have a friend who takes out her big brush and combs her hair whenever she gets a moment (no matter where we are).

    usha: you’re right! men often do the helmet thing. like they’ve lost some precious hair in the meanwhile!

  5. Nice ones. inspires me to venture out with my cam to capture these and some more ‘light’, I mean ‘traffic light’ moments.

    Being a girl, how come you missed Bikers ogling around at the lights?

  6. I had this funniest remembrance on traffic signal.. I was in bangalore that time. My husband was coming to pick me up at one gas station.(we decided Gas station as a common place, strange.. but that was the only landmark I could tell Autowalla, I was just 2 weeks in blr that time, Dint know much of airport road area..)
    I was passing my time by looking as traffic go by. Suddenly there is red light lil far from me.. I see this handsome hunk on his bullet.. Nice goggles no helmet.. and for a few seconds my heart skipped a beat..and i was reallly like.. wow… thats some hot guy.. 🙂
    and then my senses cames back telling.. “Hold on .. u r married honey”..:-) and u know what happens in next 2 minutes.. This handsome hunk comes and stops his bullet right across me.. And i realised its my hubby.. I was like..bonkers.. I told him.. what i went thru.. He was like.. madam… dont eye guys now.. u r taken .. but over all very nice experience…

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