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Goa in the rains!

Most people would probably stay away from Goa during the monsoons. But somehow, I like this season. Maybe, because one of my fondest memories was going with a few friends to Goa in August of 1998.

We found a magical beach way back then – no people, no crowds – just us and the rains! Of course, things have changed since then. The beach got discovered and became like any other Goa beach filled with shacks and stalls all along the main road.

happy trails

During the rains, however, the shacks close down and the vendors move elsewhere in search of business.

And so, I return to the same beach, in search of some peach and quiet.

All along the stretch of the crescent shaped beach are just a few others who have braved the rains, and a few dogs. And so we take long walks (mostly in search of meals). Read, sleep, gaze into the sea and listen to the sound of the roaring surf. There’s little else to do and little I want to do.

the crooked tree

It rains a little now and then and I happily whip out the raincoat. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to wear one.

A shop keeper charges us 150 for port wine on the first day and 100 the next day. But that’s the way it seems to work around here, so we don’t complain much.

looking out

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, head for Goa. It’s a magical time before the crowded tourist season begins next month.

The Flickr Album: Goa in the Rains


  1. Bliss. Thanks for bringing your favorite place alive thorough your blog. Happy Independence Day.

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  3. Thanks mehak! He was a real cutie! Felt like bringing him home!

    @ mike: done!

    @ lubna: thanks and same to you!

    @ aqua: this is south goa. Will send details if you make plans later though you seem more like the Taj types 😉

  4. the one thing i like the most about your blog is the pictures. “Goa in the rains” collection is very good!!

  5. Anita, the boat picture is stunning!

    And yes, it is us insiders who know how Goa is so much more beautiful in the rains :). Me and my best friend (both cancerians, with birthdays falling two days from each other) have a pact that we celebrate our birthdays in goa together, every year.

    It is just something else.

  6. kaalia says

    Palolem it is. :-). With the beach shacks closed in Aug, is there any accomodation right on the beach? Was Ciarans open?

  7. You are absolutely right and your pictures are proof that Goa is absolutely lovely during the Monsoon. Wonderful pictures. I wish I was in Goa.

  8. I love Goa in the rains. The rains brings out the beauty of the entire region (Pune to Goa, every highway is at its scenic best during this time). And then, for those who love indulging in the worldclass Goa resorts, this is the time when the rates are among the lowest. So if you were looking forward to that spa vacation, this is the time to go.

    BTW, nice pics!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photographs! Stunning!

    If anything, I will have to be jealous here. I have been dying to go to goa for the past so much time; but each time we end up going somewhere else. I’ve never been to this beautiful beach! 🙁

  10. I was there in Goa last week, it was fun. Visited places where tourists don’t go at all – couple of secluded beaches, bird sanctuary, a lake & a fort cum view point – in all these places we were the only visitors 🙂

  11. @ Anindita: thanks! i like that one too 🙂

    @ simba: thank you!

    @ Prakriti: thanks! that’s a nice pact indeed!

    @ Pooja: ah, maybe you can 😉 just take off!

    @ kaalia: ah, i see you’ve visited! only the beach resort was open. nothing else…

    @ Eye For India: thanks!

    @ Traveller: you’re right. the whole region puts on a different look! i wanted to go right upto pune, but couldn’t!

    @ Narziss: thank you! next time, make it a point to go just there!

    @ Prashanth M: wow, must have been good fun! was it still raining?

  12. Can relate to the Goan monsoon. Was at the same beach on a rainy season last year, and was delighted to be in that empty beach on a lovely rainless but cloudy weather. And the sea was calm too..

  13. Hello anita,
    It was really nice going through your few blogs and was really an incredible efforts put in creating such amazing blogs. I really appreciate your efforts, actually i came into your profile to search in some info abt kodaikanal, but i didn’t find that blog. Actually, we’re going to kodaikanal this weekend and so wanted to take a count of some beautiful places which we shouldn’t miss and so researching so much.

    Would appreciate your suggestion too.We’re going for 3 days, and so far planned only for Kodaikanal & Madurai.

    thanks in advance.

  14. mehdi says

    i` mehdi from iran, just want to say i love indians ,they are really good men, respecting to the animals in india is really good, i like mr.gaandi(great man)

  15. Anita ,

    Hmmm What a coincidence – We as a bunch of 8 ppl went to GOA in same rainy season -( much to the contrary views from everyone) – offseason is best time to go to most of the places – I do so atleast. weather was just drizzling and beach was desorted 2 – so leass crowd in hotels too – had a gr8 time and come and see my GOA snaps @

  16. Do you remember reading this book called “Chasing the monsoon”? I believe it’s a photo narration of chasing the southwest monsoon from Kerala to Goa.

    ……… G….O……AAAaa!!

  17. @ Arun:you were there too? 🙂 guess it’s not a difficult place to identify if you’ve been there!

    @ Vasuki: thanks!

    @ Abhishek: thanks and i think you’ve already left for your weekend. i didn’t actually spend much time at kodai but i believe it’s filled with places to stay as its a popular tourist destination!

    @ mehdi: thanks for visiting!

    @ Invisible China: 🙂

    @ Ari: i actually gifted the book to someone but haven’t read it myself. am planning to read it soon!

  18. Abhijeet says

    Thats my home……. and you have captured it perfectly. We used to play football on the beach because the grounds would be flooded and the rain would make the sand a bit harder. Have spend whole evenings playing football on the beach in the rains. Caught tadpoles thinking they were fish. Wore huge gumboots so we can wade through knee deep water on the way to school. Eating the local hot freshly baked round bread(oonda)while its pouring outside. The rains have always been the most awaited season for me when in Goa. Its just so beautiful… Miss home 🙁

  19. Great pic Anita. I got addicted to your blog recently. Good read.
    And rgding Goa during rains, The two or 3 trips I’ve done to goa (by road from mangalore) have always been during the rains. And they’ve been just magical!

  20. Ruhie says

    Hi Anita,

    This is urgent…can I use some of your Goa pics for an article I am doing on Goa? Your pics are awesome…please let me know soonest. This is urgent!

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  23. alisha says

    The beaches view are looking fantastic,it show the beauty of Goa during the rainy season which is really wonderful for a tourist.In monsoon you can visit these beaches in Goa Calangute, Arambol, Benaulim and Candolim. And if you loved nature and adventure so you have a good option is Goa in vacation.

  24. MANISH says

    hi anita

    nice post on goa in the rains.

    i have planned a goa vacation from 16th – 21st august covering Chorla Ghats (2 nights) & North Goa (3 nights) — myself, wife & 2.5 yr old son

    Am not very particular about enjoying the beaches….

    Have just heard from a visitor that its raining heavily in goa and restricting movement.

    Am now a bit apprehensive. Pls advise….does it rain so heavily and all-day that it will spoil the sightseeing

    request your advise


  25. anitzu says

    hey i am a rain n my hubby want to visit goa in august for our first anniversary.plz suggest abt weather and vacation in mid aug..heavy rain? Moderate or no rain?

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