I’ve already posted this in Metblogs, but I wanted to make a personal appeal too. It’s about a lady called Janet who plants trees.

What you can do!
You can have a tree planted on someone’s behalf to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, ceremony, or just another day you’re glad to be alive. Just for about 10o bucks, which I am sure all of us spend that amount without much thought.

So far she’s planted over 650 trees…She’s looking for people who can become members of her charitable trust and contribute 100 rupees per month.

She’s also trying to get in touch with companies to see if the corporates can accommodate her mission – The Rajanet Yegneshwaran Charitable Trust.

She plants trees anywhere and everywhere – sidewalks, schools, churches, company compounds, houses… If you know any place where there’s place for a tree, get in touch with Janet on 9845449703.

I’ve talked to Janet also and she said she would love more help, volunteers, corporate sponsorships for tree guards, so if you can help in some little way, please do!

Plan a tree

It’s a concern as to how our tree cover is depleting all around us. We can’t stop trees being cut down to make way for bigger roads and taller buildings, but we can do our small little bit by planting many more.

11 thoughts on “Plant those trees!

  1. Anita ,

    Well what a good job Janet is doing . Regarding your earlier post – Hmmm its better to keep the place in mystery. I know its for a good cause – and there is few places like tat in my photo stream too, which even I dont feel like disclosing to all, but we do to some – WHO SHARE THE SAME PASSION as NATURE LOVERS DO 🙂 I’m back after my vacation in our lovely country with some good snaps 🙂

  2. Hi Anita,
    A post which makes everyone of us to Think.

    Better Keep the name of that place undisclosed. That post and this one are 2 separate posts but unknowingly gets linked!!!

  3. Hi Anita,

    I got to your page via a friend’s page.

    Could I link this page to the Bangaloreans community on Facebook? Would like to spread the word.

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