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Tryst with nature

If I write a book, I’d like to do it in a quiet place like this one. Sitting outside a cottage, looking over a beautiful mist covered valley. Watching the rolling hills and catching a glimpse of a shimmering lake in the distance. Enjoying a hot cup of coffee and the company of Deku (the cute dog we adopted for the weekend).

lush green hills

It was an outing with the girls and four of us set off to spend some time at this off-the-beaten-track village in Tamil Nadu. It was magical. One of those places you don’t want to tell anyone about because you don’t want it to lose it’s quaint and quiet charm. And you definitely don’t want to see it teeming with truck loads of loud touristy families with a bunch of badly behaved children.

good morning!

No… this is one place that will go un-named. Just a few pictures to capture it’s beauty.

view from the hills

Some places, I feel, are best left un-discovered!

The Album


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