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Day 1, 2 & 3

It was pretty hectic the last two days. People have been streaming in through the day. Lots of friends (and lots who promised didn’t turn up, but that is always expected!). Some nice surprises, people who came in through this blog and Bangalore Metblogs also.


The Slimes refused to feature us, and we didn’t get a mention even in their events listings πŸ™‚ We did get some coverage in the Deccan, Bangalore Mirror, The Hindu and the Express the day prior. But most of the publicity was through online forums, blogs and personal invites to friends/family. So thank god for the Internet!

I have to thank the BWS group for coming out and supporting us. They were wonderful and especially Peevee, Sreelesh, Akshath, Prasoon, Srividya and the rest of the gang : Soumya, Lavanya, greeshma, Yogesh, Danny, Kushal (I’m sure I’m missing some names but the whole gang who came!). Some of them were there not just for the exhibition but also for the talks on Sat and Sun. It really meant a lot to all of us!

BWS Gang

Thanks a lot to Sabir, Sue, Mala, Charles and Debbie, Mahesh & Vidya, Kaushal Kharkhanis with his friends, Prashant M.

Then there was Rajesh & Preeti, Antara & Souvik, Deepa, Amogh, Pavitra, Anush, Ravi & Smitha, Shyamala and her mom, Swapna, Sajith, Tanay, MeninWeb, Oomz, Thej and his friends, Manasa, Ravi from RKblogs, Kirti and Bibi!

LJ'ers gang Smiles! From a long time ago! The Mumbai gang
Thanks especially to Srilatha, Aqua, Geetha, Mekhla, my sister who all not only came to encourage us but also picked up pictures to support the cause!

We had to cancel the Sat talk as Anand Sharan was unwell, but we had an informal Q&A session, which turned out to be quite interesting. On Sunday morning (when we were wondering if anyone would turn up at that time of the day) we got a decent crowd of enthusiasts. Dr Manoj Sindagi shared some really great tips from his experience of over 10 years as a wildlife photographer. Kalyan Varma happened to be there at the opportune moment and shared some of his insights also. I think everyone gained a lot through this interaction.

With the obsessive traveller With the hunks Always on the move
Even though we weren’t expecting too much of a crowd on Sunday, there was a steady stream of people through the day, keeping us busy and on our feet. I think we managed to sell about 20% of the displays by the end of it, which was quite encouraging for us. We’re planning to put it all up online in a few days and hope to continue the sales for anyone who’s interested.

Jace, thank a lot! This is a special mention especially since you weren’t too well but still came in. I had a lot of folks saying later they fell sick over the weekend (and it’s funny how that happens :-). And a big thanks to Sathish K, the hunks Changumani and Bops, Bipin Gupta with his wife, Pushpalee and her hubby, Debanjan Dasgupta, Rashmi(two of them!) and Mrinal, Nita and Mekhla, Bijoy and his lovely wife Anitha, former Metblogger Chitra with her hubby and kids, Shezaye, Vishakha and Manjiri, Zeeshan and his charming wife Farzana. Gosh, this sounds like an Oscar speech. But I just feel that I need to say a special thank you to everyone : it was my first exhibition on this scale and I needed all the support and good wishes.

Over a month of efforts, and it was nice to see it all come to fruit. It’s been a huge learning experience too. And sometime quite frustrating too. Roadblocks, problems, things not turning out like it was supposed to (like the catering not arriving on time!)… but I think the positives overrode it all!

The Wide Angle Album
Inauguration photos from Shankar


  1. Kartik says

    Liked your exhibition, most of the images were very good indeed. Its amazing how great a print looks compared to a small image in a web page (or even a large one). A print always speaks louder, communicates more and is just plain nicer to look at.

  2. Oh my god, it isn’t on tomorrow. I am down with a sprained foot and have booked a car tomm morning to come and visit!
    I am so sorry girl. I know it is my loss. i was so looking forward to this!

  3. SandDunes says

    Hello Anita,

    Visited on the last day with family. Lovely pictures. Would love to buy a few. Looking forward to the online gallery.

    Thanks & Luck!

  4. Hi,
    Visited the exhibition yesterday. It was a gr8 collection. Never knew Lalbaug would also be so beautiful… πŸ™‚
    Nice cause 2 dat ur helping.

  5. @ Kartik: thanks! yes, the big prints made quite a difference and a change to the usual flickr views! didn’t remember you come and hello. did you?!

    @ Jace: yes, yes. not to worry. you will be duly mentioned πŸ™‚

    @ Usha: take care of that foot!

    @ SandDunes: great. you didn’t come and say hello! will put up the online gallery soon!

    @ Nandish: oh that’s nice to know. wish you’d come and say hello also! thanks πŸ™‚ it’s a beautiful place and i continue to re-visit whenever i get a chance! thank you!

  6. SandDunes says

    Yes, should have. For a minute mistook your sis for you :). Took a whole other minute to recognize you in black and white with a new hair-cut!

  7. Kartik says

    Yep, I did come but felt a little intimidated by the quality of images to say hello.

  8. i was following your blog always and i toooo did visit the exhibition on sunday afternoon, i could not find you to appriciate your work

  9. Smitha says

    Lovely pics and a good exhibiton..we enjoyed it πŸ™‚
    btw, you got my name Smitha and not Manasi.

  10. @prashanth: seeing the full frames was quite an eye opener for us too!

    @Sanddunes: πŸ™‚ wish you had come and said hello!

    @kartik:oh dear! That’s a pity!

    @nandish: same goes for you too!

    @puru: i must have slipped out for lunch!

    @smitha: apologies! Blame it on my really bad memory. It was really nice meeting you!

  11. Thanks Anita for inviting me. It was great fun seeing the work of the famous 4. Will meet you sometime and learn few tips and also am planning to buy a new DSLR, so need some gyan from you.

    Shine on lady, your pics rock and so did the exhibition πŸ™‚

  12. @ Arun: you’re next πŸ˜‰

    @ Tanay: you’re welcome! definitely and thanks for the nice words:)

    @ Lubna: yes, next time. we’re also putting up everything online soon πŸ™‚

  13. A very good effort.
    Shows the hardwork in frames.

    What about exhibiting work in other cities also.
    A travelling travelogue exhibition!

  14. hi..
    good stuff. i am also an artist. let me know when you have your next art shows. will be more than happy to be a part πŸ™‚
    also saw your paintings from your mumbai days. really good!


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