An eventful year it has been.

Masala, action, romance, thrills, spills and loads of drama.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. That was the movie I watched last night.

But many of these elements have sprung up now and then adding some spice to an otherwise normal and mundane life 🙂

Loads of fun, action, good fun and most of all… travel!

This coming year, I plan to settle down. Heh (my wandering soul, I mean! 🙂

And so... life goes on

Here’s wishing all of you a rocking, fantabulous, eventful 2008 – till we meet again in the brand new year!

18 thoughts on “And so… life goes on

  1. Happy happy New year..I plan to settle down too!
    more nice pictures, adventures and stories from you and that is something I am eagerly waiting for

  2. @ Lubna: thank you! kit kit sends a special kiss your way 🙂 best wishes to you too!

    @ d: thanks!

    @ Dev: thanks a ton!

    @ Pranjal: thanks so much, i’m hoping so too 🙂

    @ Invisible China: thanks! same to you!

    @ Viewer: you did! i missed it!!

    @ Dharani: thanks!

    @ Ajay: thanks and the same to you!

    @ Radman: same to you!

    @ Sathish: yeah, true! 🙂 many more of that too!

    @ Nandish: thanks! and hope you have a great one yourself!

    @ Az Azura: thanks! and the same to you. will definitely try and keep them coming!

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