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Xmas on Unwind Isle

A week or so ago, we went for a team lunch to a place called Unwind Island somewhere on the Outer Ring Road. Don’t ask me why they call it that, I couldn’t really figure out as there wasn’t an island in sight 🙂

A few days ago, on the Xmas break, as we were being rowed across a river to a little island called Amgol, my first thought was: “Now this is the real unwind island!”

Unwind Isle

And it did turn out to be just that – a time to relax and unwind. But no travelogue for now, I’m going to hopefully catch up on all my pending travel pieces soon. I think I need a good 2-3 days of pure uninterrupted bliss to complete everything! I’ve been terribly slack lately with different things taking priority, but I do have the Coorg and Paro (Bhutan) pieces coming up.


  1. @ prasoon: i will only get to it next year! it’s a lovely place!

    @ nandish: it’s on the west coast. follow the link for the details!

    @ cindy: thanks!

  2. @ aqua: you’ve got to go there and find out, no? 🙂

    @ az azura: this is on the west coast of karnataka. a little island called amgol on the river! thanks! and wish you the very best too!

    @ radman: oh they do! you need to make an effort to find them 🙂

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