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Scenes by the sea

I spent 3 days in Fort Cochin during the month of October. It was a most relaxed trip where I walked by the sea, observed the fishermen, had some gorgeous food and discovered that even on a small little island you can keep yourself busy…

For me, it is probably one of the best times of the day – the time the sun sets. A time to contemplate and wonder about the next day. A time to admire nature’s palette splattered across the skies. To sit and wonder about how things happen the way they do…

Fort Kochi

When the sun sets spreads its orange yellow glow as it takes its last bow signaling the end of another day.

One would think it’s a time for relaxing too. But not for lone fisherman who is busy casting his net into the sea. He has a conversation with someone and then turns back towards the sea. Every time he casts his net, he catches a whole lot of weeds (a big problem in these backwaters). I can’t see much fish but he’s probably used to doing this for hours at a stretch.

Catch of the day

A photographer has climbed up on a perch on one of the fishing nets and indicates that there is space for me too. There are a few more foreigners all lined up waiting to take photographs just at that right time. The yellow ball is just beginning to dip slowly as big crowds make their way towards the promenade for a walk. Kids, adults, vendors all vie for space in the narrow walkway beside the harbor that makes its way further down towards the “beach” area.

I watched as the sun went down and then reached a point where it seemed like it was caught by the fishing nets : it’s like we wish we could capture it and keep it there but of course, it’s not ready to stay! So lower and lower it dips until just a little peek remains.

Caught in the nets

Soon, the skies change colours to a deep pink and blue and the waters reflect the colours of the sky. Far away, the fishing boats are coming in from the sea, hopefully loaded with their catch of the day.

Time stands still

The crowds have gone long since, but I remain watching the skies and the sea for a while longer because I know that once I get back to the city, this is not one sight I’ll get to enjoy frequently.

And I look around to see that the lone fisherman is still there for company.

~~ Sunset at Fort Kochi – the album


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