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And here’s 2009!

So another year passed by. And like we often say as we get older – ‘quickly’.

I remember writing this same post last year. The thing about blogs is that you can actually look back year on year and check what you were thinking at that point of time. For someone with a bad memory like me, it helps a lot. I actually have new year posts dating back to quite a few years. So why break the tradition, I thought.

Sometimes I made resolutions, sometimes I didn’t. Over the years, I’ve realized the futility of this exercise. Better to make a wish list through the year and keep re-visiting it. These annual things just don’t work!

But I always do introspect. Mostly because the rest of the time, I’m usually in transit between various activities, places or people and don’t get much time to do it. But in the New Year, one must indulge in some “thinking”. And I haven’t come up with much. Except the fact that I have to become more financially stable in the New Year. Heh. Lord help me.

So the year gone by. A lot of things happened, a lot didn’t. As expected. Life has to throw up its fair share of surprises.

I didn’t read as much as I would have liked.

I did write quite a bit though. Both on this blog and for different magazines.

Met a nice bunch of women in 2008. Incidentally, we all seem to be at the same point in our lives so it’s been easy to relate to each other. And great fun too.

Ran 3 half marathons : now who would have thought that was possible? A full marathon perhaps is not too far away now. But, but… time will tell about that.

Cycled through Goa – 300 odd kms over 5 days. Now that was quite an experience.

I travelled all over South India adding many more places to my visited list. Much of it has not been written about, but hopefully will be soon.

I am trying to launch a new website, hopefully that too will happen in the new year.

Whatever doesn’t get done by today (and that’s a lot), gets postponed to 2009. And the nice part is that it gives me another 365 days.

A lot of plans are being hatched : that’s another nice thing : there’s no end to the plans one can have!

So there.

That was 2008.

And on that note – have fun, party, eat, light a candle, do a disco dance, cuddle up with your better/bitter halves (or your pets in the absence of the halves 🙂 – and welcome the year on a high note!

Here’s Kit Kit and me wishing all of you a rocking and fantabulous New Year.


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