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Goodbye, Mumbai: Hello, Bangalore

I meant to write this post before I left Mumbai, but life got in the way!

Anyway, here is a long overdue update.

I moved from Mumbai to Bangalore on the 8th of April. It was pretty crazy trying to get everything organized just before I left.

And between feeling excited, depressed, low, high, bad, good, I didn’t have much of an opportunity to actually express what I was feeling the last few days in the city. I landed in Mumbai with mixed feelings; I also left with mixed feelings!

It’s funny how just when I am settling down into a place, I find it is time to move again. But then, I have moved places so often now, that after a few years, I usually ask myself, “Where next?” This time, its Bangalore.

Ever since I reached Bangalore, I have been hunting around for a place to stay. Bangalore I have realized is a maze of phases, sectors, layouts, blocks, crosses and mains that is supposed to make life easier for you. Excuse me, but I disagree. Have spent quite a lot of time getting lost and finding my way again. And trying to communicate with auto drivers who don’t know one block from another. Blockheads. Arghhhh!

I’m still trying to get a hang of my life right now. But thanks to all those who left messages on my earlier post. Haven’t got time now to reply to all of you, but I will do so in the next couple of days.


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