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Goodbye, Mumbai: Hello, Bangalore

I meant to write this post before I left Mumbai, but life got in the way!

Anyway, here is a long overdue update.

I moved from Mumbai to Bangalore on the 8th of April. It was pretty crazy trying to get everything organized just before I left.

And between feeling excited, depressed, low, high, bad, good, I didn’t have much of an opportunity to actually express what I was feeling the last few days in the city. I landed in Mumbai with mixed feelings; I also left with mixed feelings!

It’s funny how just when I am settling down into a place, I find it is time to move again. But then, I have moved places so often now, that after a few years, I usually ask myself, “Where next?” This time, its Bangalore.

Ever since I reached Bangalore, I have been hunting around for a place to stay. Bangalore I have realized is a maze of phases, sectors, layouts, blocks, crosses and mains that is supposed to make life easier for you. Excuse me, but I disagree. Have spent quite a lot of time getting lost and finding my way again. And trying to communicate with auto drivers who don’t know one block from another. Blockheads. Arghhhh!

I’m still trying to get a hang of my life right now. But thanks to all those who left messages on my earlier post. Haven’t got time now to reply to all of you, but I will do so in the next couple of days.


  1. Hey Bangalore..its my second home..I love blore………U wud have a cool time thr, am sure.,after all my place….:D 😀

  2. hey b’lore is nice, u cd have done worse. though i do know hw it feels to leave friends behind and move to a new place. Ive been trying to settle in hyd since last nine months 😉 hope u find a nice place there, and if u need any help, dont hesitate to ask…. hamaare jaasoos bangalore ke kone kone mein hain 😉

  3. I agree as far as mains and crosses are concerned. I have visited my friends a number of times in the past few years and yet everysingle time I (and the richshaw wala) get lost looking for his main and cross 🙁

  4. Its better U ask for land marks rather than Mains etc!

    (A veteran in getting lost & found!;-))

    Welcome To Bangalore!!!

  5. Hey Anita! That’s sad! I have moved back from Bangalore to Mumbai! Anyway, I loved and still love Bangalore, not for its laziness, not for its pubs, but for the climate and the nice people!

    I don’t know about you, but Mumbai is number one for me any day. After all I have spent 24 years of my life here. I am too used to it.

  6. ajay patel says

    Hi Anita,

    Welcome to bangalore!

    This has been my home for decades and if you do need help please feel free to call.


  7. Hi Jag: Thanks a lot 🙂

    Shobha: I am definitely looking forward to spending some time here 🙂 And hopefully making more nice new friends.

    Hi Adi: I’ve found a place and looking forward to move in over the weekend! I guess I will feel a little more settled then.

    Sanjay: They should carry maps with them, seriously!

    Aurora: Now you tell me! Ill try that approach next time I get into a rick 🙂

    Nilesh: I can imagine how much a place grows on you after 24 years. In my case, it was 6 and a half, so I am hoping that the separation is not too hard!

    Thanks Ajay!

    Kiruba: Yes, definitely. That would be great. Be in touch in case you make a trip to Bangalore 🙂

  8. wildflower says

    u can contact my brother there if u wish to. hes been there since a year now and can help u if u r lost. i will give u his number …just mail me.

  9. Farzad says

    Hi Anita,

    I came across this site recently and liked it immensely. I can understand the feeling when you left Bombay. That city just gets to you. After leaving most of my life there I was not chuffed when I had to keep relocating to other cities in India. Its not that the experience was bad. But the ‘Mumbaiyya’ charm was irreplaceable. I also of course attribute this to some extent on having to start life anew everytime. I am now in the US, but I treasure every time I have to come back to this marvellous city.

    Good luck on your future job !



  10. Bye. Remember, Bangalore is not far from Mumbai. Do say hi when you drop in. And please give us a party when you get your first Infosys salary!

  11. Funny coincidence…my girlfriend moved from Mumbai to Bangalore this week too, to start a new life and a new job there.

    She didn’t last as long in Mumbai as you did, barely a year but she seems to be lovin Bangalore already.

    And yeah – shes househunting too! So if you come across any nice places let me know and I’ll relay them onto her or vice versa. Or better still you two could hook up and househunt together 🙂

  12. Wildflower: Do send me his email ID/phone no… is he working here?

    Farzad: Yes, I guess a city kind of grows on you. And also leaving behind the friends you made, the familiar faces and sights are probably what makes it harder.

    Danto: Good to see you blogging! Will definitely treat you next time I come to see you at rediff!

    Mithun: Please ask her to call or email me – anitabora5 at If you send me an email, I’ll send you my number also. I’ve already got quite a bit of experience in househunting. Plus, it will be good to have some company 🙂

  13. Hey Anita,

    I am sure you will find Bangalore very different. Its a much smaller place, but is definitely a great fun, if you can find a group to hang out with. and as for Infosys, I used to work with them about two years back. Were you at the billion dollar celebration a few days back?

  14. Lalith: I am sure it will be fun. For me, it is always having enough things to do, a few good friends to have around. Once I have that, I’m okay anywhere! Right now, I’m having a hectic time settling into the city and my work and finding a place to work. (And yes, I was there!).

  15. Best of luck, Anita, as you move on to the next stage. Bangalore is all over the news in the USA these days because of all the outsourcing of jobs. It sounds like a lively place, or is everybody too busy working to have any fun?

  16. Hey anita!!

    Welcome to Bangalore!!

    Been here all my life…let me know if u r in dire straits!


  17. welcome to blore! great ….i hope we get to meet up soon. havent met pallavi also so far. so here’s another good reason to have BBC part deux.

  18. Manpreet says

    Hi Anita,

    Welcome to Bangalore. Me too working in Infy. Joined about 8 months back.

    Hope you enjoy your work here.



  19. Manpreet says

    Hi Anita,

    Welcome to Bangalore. Me too working in Infy. Joined about 8 months back.

    Hope you enjoy your work here.



  20. Tom: Thanks a lot! I am still getting used to a new environment and unfamiliar faces. But it should not be too long before I figure out where the fun is 🙂 During the week, people are pretty much deep into work. But hopefully, the weekend will offer some respite!

    Thanks Karthik! I am definitely looking forward to meeting some Bangaloreans down the line!

    Hi Aqua! We can meet up even without the BBC! We’ll try and make it happen one of these days. I couldn’t meet you last time I came down, so this time we must definitely make it!

    Thanks Arun! Hope I get a chance to meet you when the Bangalore bloggers meet next 🙂

    Hi Manpreet, I hope so too! Which building are you in?

    LL: So far, so good!

    Jil: With all the shopping I did yesterday, it’s definitely helped 🙂

    Thanks Mehak. Hope I have some nice Bangalore experiences to post in the next couple of months!

  21. A bit belated perhaps, but welcome to bangalore. Be warned: its easy to get here, but rather hard to leave 🙂

  22. This is definitely late, Anita but better late than never – Welcome to Bangalore! I’ve had to move to Chennai on a/c of job requirements but my heart has always been in Bangalore. You’ll get used to the knots & crosses.. er…blocks, crosses, mains, streets I mean. In time, you’ll like the city for its climate, its friendly & cosmopolitan people, cleanliness, coffee shops, pubs, malls, gardens, food, tech-savvy nature, flyovers, transport, Narayana Murthy & Nandan Nilekani, BATF, Janagraha etc. You might get pissed by the water & electricity shortage, pollution etc but hey, whoever said Bangalore is near perfect? Its getting there and Krishna-avaru (may his tribe increase in India) will ensure that. Bangalore is totally unlike Mumbai and its xenophobia, Delhi and its power-play, Calcutta and its pretentious intelligentsia, Chennai with its petty politics & stinking places!! I’ll wager a bet Bangalore will endear itself to you in a short while!! All the best!!! 🙂

  23. Dinesh: Stranger things have been known to happen 🙂

    Ravi: Thanks for that nice long primer on Bangalore. I am sure I will get used to all of the above pretty soon!

  24. Anita, sorry for posting so late.. i cared to watch this post again today only.. lol

    BTW, I’m in B33.. what about u?

  25. Found a house?

    There’s an egroup of home hunters in Bangalore called Bangalorerentals

    Check them out if you don’t want to get fleeced by brokers !



  26. Hrishikesh Sandilya says

    Well Come to Blore. Yes when i first come to Blore even I got lost in all those blocks, phases, stages etc but now after 6 years in this place I am completely in love with this place. Its a true cosmo city and locals are more or less helpful. (yes I know sometimes they got smitten by the bug of outsider hatao Andolan but then these kind of people are very less)

    Overall Balore is great and trust me U wont miss your friends. Blore has lots of Assamese guys and guls. Even Assamese cooks, Restaurant and every thing else I think if this trend continues this is soon going to to the next Guwahati.

  27. chandita says

    Assamese food @ Bangalore??!!
    More details please.


  28. Akkshai Malhotra says

    I am here on a short visit from delhi, and your page made a nice reading.
    Lets keep in touch.

  29. john dunne says

    Hi there, im plannin a trip to i ndia this summer and i was wondering how far is bombay to either bangalore or puttaparti. Im planning to visit sai baba and also the bhrigu in bombay any tips would be super txs john

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