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Finding a place

Blogging from a Sify iway, somewhere near the new flat I moved into yesterday.

Being eaten alive by BIG mosquitoes.

Bangalore, I have realised is a haven for these pests. They’re everywhere!

So though I was very tempted to sleep with all the windows and doors open yesterday since the flat is quite well-grilled, I decided that I didn’t want this method of blood donation.

Jil and Rocky made sure I settled into the place. After enjoying a really satisfying lunch (Jil being a really awesome cook 🙂 they took me shopping for essentials like buckets, mops, cleaning detergent and stuff that life in India is incomplete without!

By the end of the day, I was loading with all forms of cleaning agents. But thankfully, the flat is in quite a good condition. I decided to leave the few spider webs in the verandah till the next weekend and take it easy instead.

As I had mentioned in my last post, I was rather apprehensive about the move. But finding a place to stay has lifted a great burden off my shoulders. At least I have a place to park myself somewhere (until I buy that three bedroom apartment in a posh Bangalore suburb. Well, a girl can dream!).

I guess the loss of familiar faces and sights is the most difficult part of moving to a new place. It’s like being thrown in the middle of a desert with no navigation system! Well. I’m exaggerating. But for me, it’s important to have a few good friends around wherever I am. It helps me feel more centred. The fact that both Jil and Rocky are just a phone call away has helped. Friends have been pretty helpful with contacts. A school friend put me in touch with her college friend settled in Bangalore. And I’m hoping to meet up with a few Bangalore bloggers to get more acquainted with the ways of the city! Aqua, hope to catch up with you this time!

Last April, when I visited Bangalore with my sister, Madhu cooked us a delicious Thai meal. Now, he’s opened his restaurant in Indiranagar, so a visit to taste far Eastern cuisine is on the cards 🙂

Thankfully, the move been relatively painless. Of course, I miss Kit Kit a lot. I realise how attached I am to her when I don’t see her for a long period of time (about 18 days now). But she joins me in Bangalore next weekend! So there’s something to cheer about. Meanwhile, I’m trying to make the flat cat friendly in preparation 🙂

Okay, now these mosquitoes have literally parked themselves on me. And my new abode beckons.


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