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Feeling: Disconnected!

The cat has landed. So has all my worldly possessions!

Trying to get connected now. Called Touchtel and got an answering machine where I left my name and number. Emailed Hathway and they mailed me saying they would get in touch (hopefully, they mean soon!). Called the Reliance Webworld outlet and it was closed (on Saturday!).

Shucks. Looks like it will be another week trying to figure out how to get online 🙂

There’s a land line connection at home too. Problem is, it ain’t working. The phone guy says I need an electrician to fix it. The electrician I have been trying to get keeps telling me, “I’ll come tomorrow, Madam.” As we all know, tomorrow never comes!

I finally tracked down another one today and he says he can’t fix the phone line.

I think me and the cat will have to figure out a way to fix the connection.

More later. When I manage to figure out how to get a broadband Net connection in Bangalore.


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