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Feeling: Disconnected!

The cat has landed. So has all my worldly possessions!

Trying to get connected now. Called Touchtel and got an answering machine where I left my name and number. Emailed Hathway and they mailed me saying they would get in touch (hopefully, they mean soon!). Called the Reliance Webworld outlet and it was closed (on Saturday!).

Shucks. Looks like it will be another week trying to figure out how to get online 🙂

There’s a land line connection at home too. Problem is, it ain’t working. The phone guy says I need an electrician to fix it. The electrician I have been trying to get keeps telling me, “I’ll come tomorrow, Madam.” As we all know, tomorrow never comes!

I finally tracked down another one today and he says he can’t fix the phone line.

I think me and the cat will have to figure out a way to fix the connection.

More later. When I manage to figure out how to get a broadband Net connection in Bangalore.


  1. You know for the phone man and electrician a lil baksheesh gets the job done a lot faster!!

    Try DishNet or a local cable guy for connectivity.

    Typically local guys will give abtter deal..

    Hope u will al A OK by next week!

    Good luck!

  2. ria says

    hi anita,

    i love cats too. how did you transport your cat from bombay to bangalore?

    i plan to move cities too and wanted to know how you did it.

  3. Hi! I am headed out to Bangalore next weekend (10th may). I would like to meet you. Have already mailed Jivha and Madman. it would be cool if we could all do an impromptu Bangalore Blog meet.

    What do you suggest?

  4. Yo anita, me joined my new job today.. its chill as of now.. but loading up !! !he he !!

  5. hope u get d net connection soon..n also d electrician (ofcourse only for fixing d landline) -:) TK !

  6. MadMan says

    Called Hathway? Good bloody luck.

    And Ravages, I’ve mailed you back, dude.

    Anita, BSNL has something called a B-Fone connection that’s essentially a phone line that can be used only for dialing ISPs. Flat rent Rs. 499 per month and no metered calls for Internet access.

  7. Madman, I got the first mail you sent me, the one where you invited me to your restaurant. If there was a second one, I didnt get it.

    Anyways, thanks. WIll be there at your place.

    Anita, sorry to use your comment board for a chat. 😉

  8. On days like these, just chill… 🙂

    That’s a lazy lazy lump’s advice though, so beware…

    Hope you get your connection faaaast!


  9. Aurora: Thanks! Have called DishNet (now Tata Indicom) and waiting to see if they service my area.

    Khushee: Thanks! I hope so too 🙂

    Thanks Anand. And I hope you’re going to make a visit to Bangalore sometime soon so you get to meet Miss Kit Kit in flesh and blood 🙂

    Hi Ria: Actually, it was quite a challenge. All airlines have a separate area called CARGO where pets are transported. But I have heard some horror stories about it. Jet and Sahara do not allow pets in the cabin. I then tried Indian Airlines who said I would have to take special captain’s permission and it was upto him. We decided to try Indian Airlines since I am pretty paranoid and didn’t like the idea of leaving Kit Kit alone in the cargo section. We had a pretty hard time at the airport. The flight was at 9.30 am and the captain had not given permission till then. I thought we would miss the flight. Finally, he said she would be allowed under the condition that she was sedated. So finally, saying she was sedated we got her through security check and then onto the plane. Once the plane was airborne I heaved a sigh of relief. At leas they couldn’t throw us out now. And Kit Kit was a doll. She didn’t utter a meow on the plane. Basically, that’s the story of how Kit Kit landed in Bangalore. Of course, the other option is to transport your pet separately in cargo.

  10. Vidya: It ain’t working here! But I’m trying 🙂

    Mehak: I don’t think the electrician likes me. I’ve already called him about 5 times and he just refuses to come and check the problem!

    Madman: Thanks for the suggestion. Will try calling them now. Might have better luck!

    Ravages: Sounds good. Will you email me and I’ll send you my number. Let me know what the plan is beforehand though.

    Lazy: It’s just that I have soooo much work to do and am in a big hurry to get everything done! Can’t afford to be lazy like you 😉 JK!

  11. Hi Anita,

    All of us are waiting for your new postings;).Get a conn. soon.



  12. Hi Anita,

    I got copule of cable guys as friends. let me know if u need any help from them



  13. If you can send me the details it will be great. Unless, you’re only joking 🙂

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