I was out last evening and it was pretty late when I was catching up on my tweets when I saw a post about blasts in Mumbai. After that, there was no sleep for a couple of hours as I was following the reports coming in from different folks.

It’s been numbing to say the least. Every time something like this happens I am seized by different reactions – sadness, anger, frustration, and helplessness to various degrees. And I am sure that must be the case with a majority of people. To be so vulnerable to attacks in the spate of a year is extremely scary a situation. Imagine how powerless our Intelligence must be to not have a CLUE about the blasts / attacks coming to any of the cities this year.

I hope all of you readers/bloggers from Mumbai are safe and sound. I’ve already called the few people I know there and everyone is shell shocked and depressed.

I am lost for words. Really.

Meanwhile, the folks in Mumbai have revived the help line blog so do follow this for information:

And I’ve been following Twitter for most of my updates, so if you folks are on Twitter, then you’re already probably getting many of them. You can follow the Mumbai related tweets here.

Vinu has put up a whole load of pictures. He’s been out and about for a while capturing on camera what’s happening around. And Arun Shanbag too ventured out for a bit. but says that his big bazooka lens will probably get him into trouble. He’s posted his first hand accounts here.

There’s a news article here which quotes about people flocking to social networking sites for information – quite true I think. Since I don’t have television, I’ve been following the news mainly online and through Twitter. A CNN article reports how the social media reacted to Mumbai.

Some reactions from world leaders. Need our Indian leaders to now stand up and talk tough. And act tough.

MJ Akbar writes here: “India is a tough nation. No one should have illusions about that. It has fought off Muslim terrorists in Kashmir, Sikh terrorists in Punjab, Christian terrorists in Nagaland, and Hindu terrorists in Assam and across the country (there is a Maoist insurrection in a broad swathe of states in the centre of India). India has learnt that you cannot blame the whole community for the sins of a few. But under ineffectual governance, particularly in the last three years, a tough country is in danger of degenerating into a soft state. Instead of being the international leader in the worldwide war against terrorism, India is sinking into the despair of a continual victim.”

An Independent article quotes the UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, describing the killings as an “attack on all of us”. That it is, definitely.

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8 thoughts on “Mumbai

  1. There is one more site in mumbai that has also come up.

    Anyway, I am glad I don’t have a tv, because it agitates the mind more than anything else. Half the blogs I have read today are either screaming murder at Barkha Dutt or thirsting for revenge. Its like a live movie show that everyone is participating in.

  2. It is terrible how these Muslim fundamentalists have wrecked lives, disturbed peace and forced us to sacrifice some of our best officers. May the policemen, officers and commandos who sacrificed their lives for us rest in peace.

  3. Anita,

    With regards to what MJ Akbar said about India, I hope you or any Indian for that matter does not really endorse that! I think contrary to what he has said about India being a tough nation. It is infact hilarious, unfortunately.

    Most of the terrorist attacks in India have been the works of terrorist people of muslim origin. This gives out a strong message of what really cooks in their community. I have good muslim friends but honestly, I can’t take them and call them as a major proportion forming of the whole community. And it is a known fact that even a moderate muslim actually fails to garner courage and speak leave alone act, against any wrong doings happening in their community. I cannot seem to digest the idea of good muslim and bad muslim existing in two different communities either! These terrorists attacks in the last 4-5years have proven again and again the role of localites majorly involved.

    Also, why the hell do we have to care about foreign leaders. India has been bruising with these fatalaties for years only to get noticed now! Moreover, western countries still call these terrorists attacking India as militants! Don’t you think it is enough to prove whether they have a helpful agenda?

    This is the time to make tough decisions and action them! We all can understand very well that under the current government’s regime, how many terrorist attacks have actually taken place. Honestly, it is shameful to even think about it!

    Please do not take my opinions as personally offensive to any body.

    And hindu terrorists in Assam?!! Absolutely ridiculous..I am sure you would know what ulfa people are fighting for…definitely not under the name of religion!

  4. Inspite of being a mumbaikar(not the raj thackeray’s way), i feel the spirit of mumbai is being over-hyped. It is the absolute pathetic passiveness thats being portrayed as the unbreakable spirit of mumbai. I understand and agree that it has matured enuf to not let a riot happen. ppl do help each other in such situations but why to tolerate repetitive attacks. why cant some action be taken? we grossly undermine the value of life.

  5. It is very sad and disturbing what has happened and scary too..and I know India is a HUGE country and we should not see these attacks only as on Mumbai but on India as a whole. I so wish something positive comes out for the country…given the kind of politicians we have we can be attacked again and anywhere, no place is safe.

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