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More cycling adventures!

When I finally learnt how to cycle properly at the beginning of this year, I didn’t think I’d be signing up for a week long cycling trip. But I did : so here I am!

A few weeks ago, I went on my first long cycling trip to a place called Chiktirupati. And of course, despite my valiant efforts, the anti-climax was that I was put in a rick and sent back home on the way back.

This time around, I was determined to make it through. Anil (soon to be TFN participant!), who suggested the destination for Sunday, borrowed a really nice Fuji Crosstown bike for me. And a lovely bike it turned out to be : really smooth and light and I enjoyed riding it. We set off in the morning around 7 am from the Wipro campus : Anil, Manjula, Sandeep and I. Sudhir was supposed to join in, but dropped out.

There was a thick cover of mist as we started off and I was hoping it would last for the morning as it was really pleasant. But after an hour or so, the skies cleared and the sun came out in full glory. Our destination was Jain Farms in Bagalur in Tamil Nadu. We crossed the border somewhere after Sarjapur and then crossed over to TN : the area marked by a small bridge.

The ride was pleasant and there were several ups and downs on the way but I felt quite fine unlike the last experience. The gears on the bike came in handy too as the uphills were much easier on the muscles.

From Bagalur town, the Jain farms property is around 2-3 kms away. We reached the place before 10 am and then dived straight into a very well deserved breakfast of idlis, dosas and upma. We had pedaled a good 25k from Bangalore.

We hung around for a while at the farm enjoying the space and serenity of the property. Several people have developed their plots there and we went around the place admiring other people’s houses. Manjula nearly got out her cheque book to buy a plot there but then realized that she hadn’t carried it with her.

It was nearly noon by the time we got back on the bikes for the ride back. Manjula packed her cycle in her car (which she had sent ahead to Bagalur) and went back. Anil (who’s preparing for TFN) decided that he would try and cover as much ground as possible back to Bangalore and pedaled back at the speed of light. We decided to take it easy on the ride back : not that I could have gone any faster!

If not for the sun, it would have been a most pleasant ride – the scenery was lovely : yellow fields around and blue skies all around. But the afternoon sun was hot and I felt I was getting roasted under it. The last 5 kms or so was especially painful with the sun and also some pain I had developed in legs. But… this time I was determined to finish!

We stopped wherever we found shade, or nariyal paani and then again for chocolates and egg puff somewhere near Sarjapur.

Around 3 hours later, we were back where we started. We had a nice and satisfying lunch of Maggi noodles (they tasted good!), thanks to a very hospitable Aqua whose house was conveniently on the way.

A great ride though I did feel the strain after 45kms or so, but at least it was much better than my first attempt.

But I’m a little more geared up and ready for my upcoming week long cycling trip! Goa, here I come 🙂


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